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Metamono – Warszawa/Shafty


Metamono - Warzawa/Shafty

This is a great little double A-side 7 inch by cosmic electronic trio Metamono. Side A is a cover of the Bowie/Eno track “Warszawa”. Rather than the sad – almost dirge – of the original, Metamono add a punchy sprinkling of beats and some wonderful synth sounds, some of these sound like Tomita meets the early Human League in outer space as noises twitter and spiral over a heavy bass. The track is largely rhythm-lead and is certainly a different take on this classic track, taking the song in new directions that I would never have imagined.

Side AA is called “Shafty,” which starts with glitchy sounding analogue synth sounds over a building rhythm. The sounds could almost be part of a soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis as they burble away. This is sci-fi futurism condensed down in one side of a 7 inch as a strong bass line hits in under cosmic synth sounds. It’s an odd and catchy little number whose deep throb patterns remain with you long after the first spin. A highly recommended release, if you can lay your hands on a copy.

-Gary Parsons-

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