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Muslimgauze – The Inspirational Sounds Of Muslimgauze

Label: Universal Egg Format: CD

The Inspirational Sounds Of MuslimgauzePart of the Universal Egg series in which Zion Train showcase some rare and out of print tracks in association with their favourite influential artists, The Inspirational Sounds Of Muslimgauze draws on the Staalplaat limited editions Jaal Ab Dullah, Izlamaphobia, Fatah Guerrilla, Mullah Said and Azzazin. And what a selection – “Azzazzin II” meshes Industrial clang with ominous analogue filters and some quite disturbing moans; “Shimmer Then Disappear II” has one of the grooviest Muslimgauze beat loops heard in a long time – naturally, taken to the cleaners and wedded to as much bass as the speakers can stand.

This is the pain and pleasure of each Muslimgauze release, especially those compiled from the numerous short-run records which emerged both before and since Bryn Jones‘ death in January 1999 – each fragment of a whole just drives the craving for more of his (or their as Jones preferred to refer to his “band”) relentlessly hypnagogic, (political) consciousness-raising music. The charge often levelled that all Muslimgauze releases sound the same really has been knocked off whatever perch of truth it once possessed, and it seems that the evolution of the sound was proceeding at hypersonic pace in the months before Jones’ sad demise.

There’s enough of everything on this record to please anyone who’s encountered the uniquely percussive range of Muslimgauze’s release over two decades, from the tabla and grinding whines of “The Sari Of Cholera” via the cut-up discordant clatter and wheeze of “Hakeem Alkimi” into the minimal slap-back analogue Dub, echoed drum-strikes and enigmatic voices of “Muslims Die India 1″. This is a superb compilation, and takes its place easily in the broad ranks of “Best of Muslimgauze” releases as both starting point and place to catch-up for neophytes and enthusiasts alike.

-Linus Tossio-

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