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Oh. – Gelbphase

Label: MDZ Format: 12″

Oh - GelbphaseOh my, 29 and then some minutes of one song. Well. They are thorough. “Gelbphase” in all five versions is a nice little sample of what the Oh. boys can do, complete with evidence of their love of the analogue and a healthy influence of 1970s video games. Oh’s own remix-Elektronauten, and the Metamatic Remix are not unlike a ear blast stroll through a video arcade at the local mall back in the day, while “Gelbes Rauschen”, the Laub remix, brings in a little of the romantic and is a tiny bit more quiet and smooth. Most fun for an electronic cocktail party where everyone can vote on their favourite version. My personal favourite is the “b2” extended remix which combines the best parts of all the others, but it takes a while to get there. It is all very nice and Kraftwerk-ish without sounding like a rip-off, and each track proves that Oh are having a great time making music.

-Lilly Novak-

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