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Oozing Wound/Ghold/Super Luxury/Pohl (live at The Exchange)

2 April 2015

Pohl live at The Exchange April 2015

Pohl were an epic, hard and ultimately satisfying display of heavy riff-based shenanigans. A mighty three piece whose ranks boasted Hugo of Bristolian psyche monsters The Heads fame, who supplied some seriously grunged-up basslines whilst the (Buddy Holly look-a-like) singer stabbed at them with octave grates of guitar and some excellent shouty incentives, leaving the drummer to smash and grab at the sound barrier in a blur of elbows and knees as if fending off a multitude of invisible ninjas. A meaty set with plenty of surprises.Super Luxury live at The Exchange April 2015Super Luxury were a hard-core antidote to Pohl’s buzzing depths. The lead singer was all over the place, screaming his head off, the music behind him a lunging concoction of Bad Brains jung-a-naughts and heaving Birthday Party-like destructives. Loads of memorable hooks, some beautiful clawing curves too, as howling amps exhumed an unholy ruckus that brewed up a storm of a connection and gave you perfect excuse to hit the merch stall afterwards. Talking of which, I recommend you getting acquainted with their Ten Solid Years of Applause album immediately.Ghold live at The Exchange April 2015Ghold stripped it all back to a two piece of just drums and bass plus some ghoulishly excellent vocal action (from both) as blunt percussives bent into whining sinew. A slow, considered doom-laden growl that was crawling with amp wraiths and black metal baptisms and accurately portraying their latest Of Ruin release. A necro-churning vibe smothered in heavy tribal thunder and contorting tempo burns that didn’t need any theatrics to make its presence felt.Oozing Wound live at The Exchange April 2015Hailing from Chicago, Oozing Wound pushed things to greater extremes. A flesh-rippling, chest-quaking loud set with plenty of vocal sandpaper tearing on through. Wasn’t really my thing to be fair, but found their full-on ferocity fun, left you marvelling on how the bassist was managing to keep his fingers from shredding whilst holding pace with all that insane riff worship.

-Michael Rodham-Heaps-

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