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Plone – Plock

Label: Warp Format: CDS, 12″

Plone– PlockPlone have a nice ear for the uses of old technology, turning in three deceptively simple songs (which happens also to neatly provide the title for track two) , equal parts Pram and retro elevator music. “Plock” is a shimmery analogue bossanova featuring that most marvellous of processors, the Vocoder, while the aforementioned “Simple Song” recalls the naivete of early electronic music with a Poppy quality which wouldn’t be out of place in some kind of pixellated animation involving cuddly alien beings. There’s more Latinate drum-machine work on “Sunday Laid Moo,” which rounds off what can only be described as a charming debut single in pleasant enough style. Quite how engaging a whole album would be though, remains to be heard.


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