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Radio 9 – Motorik EP

Label: Enraptured Format: 10″

Radio 9 - Motorik EPThe title track of Radio 9‘s debut EP does exactly what it says; it’s Motorik as you could want, with the signature metronomic autobahn-riding groove copped from the big NEU! book of Dinger-drumming topped off by a throbbing bassline courtesy of Leon Muraglia and the beguiling synthesizer sweeps and swatches courtesy of Zoe Kemp. Since the former is the head honcho at London’s very swinging Kosmische Club, this Germanic sound connection comes as no surprise at all, but the (inevitable) initial impressions of taking the Harmostereodsseldorflabonia template at stock value is redeemed by the guitar work and the dynamics of the thing. “Motorik” is definitely a catchy little number in the homage stakes, rather than being merely derivative, and after a quiet breakdown into the middle eight, there is of course a massive rushing return, just as required to kick out those jammy floors in exuberent fashion.

The remainder of the EP establishes a modestly eclectic signature sound for the band, revolving around the minimal loops and tidal synth swarms of “Fluid” and the nagging Reichean pulse and slightly funky drum patterns of “Pianosong”, both of which glide by with hints of black polo-neck suaveness and nods in the direction of Modernist sofa lounging. However, “Moving In Two Directions” is another, more subtle, groover, calling Quickspace to mind at the start, partly thanks to the hushed vocal, before heading off into concisely-programmed rhythms and ambient interludes of soaring high pitches, synth tinkles and dubbed-down bass to good effect. Add in the clear vinyl presentation and a nice (dis)comforting locked groove for the close, and all in all Radio 9 have dished up a grower of an EP.

-Antron S. Meister-

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