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Shitmat – The Lesser Spotted Burberry EP

Label: Planet Mu Format: 12″

The Lesser Spotted Burberry EP - disc label detailThe Lesser Spotted Burberry EP could as easily be a paean as a pisstake, but there’s no doubting the fervour of Henry Collins‘ approach to beat-mangling. “Ellesse Warrior” swoons from driving mashup to celebratory breakcore with a dizzying sense of humour in the application of a hint of ragga and a good dose of manic intensity. Peppered with progressively more and more dissolute snippets of a drugged-up chavvy anecdote which merge with the bulbous beats, the evil synth swarms and some hardcore gabba pounding are interspersed with the occasional trance drop to underpin the storyteller’s tale of living it large.

“My Crew, My Pills, My Chain, More Gain” continues the story, flaying the samples and beats alike with a generous hand, meting out the licks with alacrity and a twisted grin – or is it a sneer? “Popper Warrior” ups the beats and lowers the distortion quantity in favour of smearing the rhythms all over the speakers and down the mixing board for good measure. The spoken parts become yet more fragmentary and the music wriggles further and further away from linearity into the realms of Squarepusher-style acrobatics, only far more sick and twisted. “Argos” is where matters get yet more sinister, scattering the gabba liberally across minor chord trills and putrefying echo trails. The dynamics are frighteningly impressive to behold, as hardcore rhythms are dissected and laid out across the spectrum, rounding off a highly distressed EP with some particularly fine bowel-trembling bass eruptions.


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