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Snares – Sabbath Dubs


Sanres - Sabbath Dubs Donning a swift alter-ego for a heavyweight re-rendering of a pair of Black Sabbath classics, Aaron Funk proves that he’s as adept at the dub(step) as he is at splattery digital grinds when the Venetian part is elided from his Snares moniker. It also comes as no surprise that the record should appear on Bong-Ra‘s label Kriss, given his [post=”bong-ra-grindkrusher” text=”penchant for mashing up old-school grindcore in a breakcore style”] himself.

One for stoners of both the rock and dub variety everywhere, the lovely marbled green 10″ vinyl heaves with heaviosity, the splicing of “Black Sabbath” with wobble-bass is one reggification which works on so many levels, and it sounds like the tune was made for splicing into a dubstep haze of clattery drums and earth-shuddering low end. Funk’s bassline follows the original so closely that it’s difficult to imagine that he worked from a two-track recording, but no doubt he did as Sabbath at this point were recording straight to two-track like everyone else in their Denmark Street basement studio. “Electric funeral” is less faithful to its source, the Snares edition covering more than sampling, instead dropping in a quote from Ozzy Osborne declaring during an interview that “I can’t see anything without Black Sabbath,” as the synths prowl ominously and (appropriately) snares rocket off through the echo FX peppered with snippets of the song lyrics themselves as well as further hints of Ozzy’s befuddlement, into a stepping digital dub of prodigious quality and of smoke-generated mammoth dimensions.


Update: See a fan-made video for Snares’ version of “Black Sabbath” here:

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