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Sylvester Anfang II – (untitled)


In the pagan world there are important times of year called the solstices and also various moon and planetary cycles that affect mankind on his journey around the shining orb of the sun. Sometimes musicians from ancient tribes would tap into these energy patterns and create music to conjure up atmospheres, forms and shapes of the elder gods who once resided here. Sylvester Anfang II’s music over the years has locked itself on to these thought forms to create occult psychedelic freeform improvisations to the gods of the earth and sky.

This album was recorded over one long jam session during the late harvest moons of 6 November. The five pieces present  different moods and feelings of that day’s occulation and is a documentary of events happening within the studio at that time. “Jam 1” has a lilting drone and an eastern influence within rhythm signatures that has it drift into sonic soundscapessimilar to early Ash Ra Tempel. “Jam 2” has a more freeform cosmic jazz feeling, with rolling drum patterns and it sneaks in elements of Sun Ra and Amon Düül in equal measure. This feels like the witch’s sabat dance around a fire in the woods before the orgiastic ritual begins .

“Jam 3” moves into a similar area to Saucer Full of Secrets-era Pink Floyd, with its majestic architectural organ chords glimpsed through the gloom of ancient ruined temples. You can almost sense the colonnades of Karnak within this piece. By “Jam 4” the rites of these ancient deities are beginning to turn more supernatural and the angular guitar and tribal beat here accentuates the feeling of ill ease and disquiet. “Jam 5” is amore straight-ahead psychedelic rocker, its uplifting chords giving the end of the album an almost joyus feel. This is certainly more in the Acid Mothers Temple space rock camp with blistering lead and twirling space synth.

Even though the album is rather short, just clocking in at under 36 minutes, it still manages to take you on a musical journey. From crumbling temples by the Nile to haunted woodlands and finally out into the cosmic bliss of dark space these pieces play like a meditation on the other side of reality. The album has been released in a limited edition that has a glorious fold-out sleeve that accentuates the mood of the music contained by preparing the listener for the prospect of the wonders of psychedelic heathen revelry contained inside. Like a good deal of Sylvester Anfang’s music it’s a must-have item.

-Gary Parsons-

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