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Techno Animal – Brotherhood Of The Bomb

Label: Force Inc. Format: 12″

Techno Animal – Brotherhood Of The BombThe title track is something of a typical Techno Animal bass monster, with their characteristic funky breakbeats assuming the usual clattery position in relation to a rather pleasingly warbly bassline, shot through with some relatively restrained splatters of synthy knob-twiddling. As its Kevin Martin and Justin Broadrick at the controls, naturally everything tends to get taken into the extremes of dub delay and high-frequency filtering; never ones for letting an opportunity for excessive noise and repetitive loops slip past quickly, “Brotherhood Of The Bomb” is one of their better piledrivers of late, taking dynamic pleasure in warping re-folded layers of echo into, out of and under the ultimately persistent hip-hop chug.

Further headache-inducing and patience-testing comes in the guise of “Monolith,” which takes a monster funk loop, a shuddering bass presence and some skull-scraping oscillations around the houses for some exercises in bloody-minded disruption of all available frequencies. It’s noisy, squeaky and prone to bursts of diahorretic synth sprays – and is also evidence that TA are finally even taking pity on the shortening attention spans of the listening public.


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