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Tecumseh – Return To Everything

Beta-Lactam Ring

Swooping up from the depths of infrasound, Tecumseh bring a faint whiff of glitch and a hint of industrial shiver to the emergent doom on Return to Everything, and the electronics thicken into string-driven rumbling among the encroaching wall of full-spectrum FX. The metal starts to kicking properly as the second track (or movement might be more correct) “Apophis”fills the all-pervading drone with heavyweight slow-motion riffing, dealt out as if the band’s lives depend upon the visceral sound levels being maintained at all costs.

There is no substitute for volume when listening to this record – the possibly apocryphal adage about listening to loud music quietly and ambient music very loud doesn’t really work well here; Return to Everything instead demands extremity, especially in the bass department to set the speaker cones rattling the windows, doors and random items of furniture – because once the throaty, roaring riffs kick in it feels like there’s no stopping them, nor any desire for them to end. Time is held hostage, gripped by a primal howling audio gale so guttural as to make it quite a relief to realise that there are choral tones floating around the baseline of almost tangibly-solid sound, and whether they are human in origin, emergent or synthesized, a source of some slight comfort among the whirring whirl of amplifiers in uproar.

The opening grind of “oakca”comes almost as a blessed relief by comparison, its thrumming guitars at sludgecore speed wrapped in frisson-generating skeins of mid- and treble-tones which counterpoint the grimly-robed bass end neatly as the high-strung tension builds with an almost mechanistic brutality. While overtones crawl ever upwards into the higher reaches of ear-tingling audio catharsis, ghostly hints of percussion – mechanical, or found in scrapyards, perhaps – uncoil themselves from burial sites deep within the mix before achieving a plateau of roaring, effulgent noise and the final fade.

At barely half an hour in length, Return to Everything demonstrates that Tecumseh have an excellent sense of restraint and self-control in a field where over-indulgence in extremities in running time and sprawling epics are not entirely unknown. However, more tracks would be welcome, and hopefully will be forthcoming soon too.

-Linus Tossio-

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