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Teleseen – Fear of the Forest


Apparently, Teleseen is the ‘primary alias’ of producer Gabriel Cyr, who claims to be “on the vanguard of combining dub and reggae with experimental electronic music” – a claim that’s true only in the sense that Daz really is a ‘revolutionary new product’, ie., not true at all. Such resort to unmediated hype is to be expected from someone who makes such a clunky show of his commitment to affectless tossers, Deleuze and Guattari. All in all then, we’re heading for the world of rhizomatic flim-flam where ideas easily crystalise out into brands.

Almost every sound here sounds like a default setting of some kind while the production smears everything into an indiscriminate mulch of sub-dub head-nodding. Strangely for someone who makes such a play of his dub and reggae affiliations there’s not a drop of evidence here of the real storm and stress of dub’s bizarre invention, and everything instead is wrapped in digital cushioning. This is lazy, unreflective music in which nothing is risked and nothing gained.

-Andy Wilson-

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