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Tundra – Tajnie i Głębie


Tundra - Tajnie i GłębieIt’s all about space: between things, around planets, the place of which Sun Ra spoke and the concept which he often evoked. But this is not a jazz album; Dawid Adrjanczyk and Krzysiek Joczyn are more electro-acoustic in their means and perhaps calmer in their demeanour here. The title Tajnie i GłębieMysteries and Depths – gives a hint of what the album brings as it rolls in on slow-burning coils of sound that shift and shimmer from low-end rumbles to breathing drones which rise and fall like the chest of a slumbering giant.

If the duo’s chosen name Tundra evokes a similar arctic chill as that summoned by a goodly portion of Thomas Köner‘s oeuvre, then that’s no bad place to start with comparisons. Motion seems under a lesser effect of gravity here than is usual for the planet Earth, and the emotional content is chilled, contemplative; permafrost slow. Spoken words and fluting melodies drift past like transmissions captured infrequently by intermittent flurries of snow in a sparsely-inhabited terrain – if there are listeners, they are probably wrapped up tight and alone in a vast expanse of a rarely (though subtly) changing landscape.

Often, the effect is like (and eminently suited to) glancing out the windows of a fast-moving train, where time and space can be observed interacting relativistically as the interior world travels at an apparently different rate to the flickering parade of mountains, forests and towns, all strung with power cables and cut by rivers and roads. So Tajnie i Głębie unfolds and descends, its motifs and motions often inexplicable until heard in the fullness of time, composed of shorter moments and longer passages which rise and fall to the rhythm of the bigger journey.

-Linus Tossio-

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