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Uruk – I Leave A Silver Trail Through Blackness


Uruk - I Leave a Silver Trail Through BlacknessThighpaulsandra and Massimo Pupillo (of Zu) have conjured a lovely bit of ambience here as Uruk, heavy fruit rotten with cankerous rainbows. I Leave A Silver Trail Through Blackness is a dark joy best suited to making merry with the other side of the witching hour. Crank that dial to the right and sink into its dronic pleasures, a thirty-eight minute journey lit in tubular shackles and slow-mo recoil. Like UnicaZürn‘s latest LP this cruises in there, tattoos deep, the beep of a morning alarm a distant memory sinking in a succubus of snaking crystallines and reverbed fractals.

Its slow cavernous tones mojo(ing) your mechanics in a divine origami of pulsing rubs. The grate of a finely sandpapered surface, chalky in oxide. The scenery tapering, distorting, dibbling in a percolation of grey and light-flashed white. The space opening wide, an autopsy bouncing with weevilling whirs and splutterlings, these strange symphonics floating over it like those naughty girls in The Craft. Distorted reflections that bow in a contraction of glassy clangs, disappear on a séance of metallic ruptures, the dissipating burr of plucked piano wire.

Stick on the headphones and let this finely crafted beast play vividly with your hemispheres. Behind closed eyes, this baby bleeds detail, reminiscences of Coil‘s shadow (the cover is a painting by Jhonn Balance) in those coptering rotaries, whispery with the melodious, sycamore the dusty air like swooping bats in milk bottles. That molecular, mauled cello, noose tightened then tension-chopped, skating across its warping phantoms.

Uruk’s sonics blister, chaff in contorting curls and aching nocturnes that schooner differing vanishing points and ghostly glows. A ceremony sticky with purpose and introverted sensitivity that could easily wither away in the harsh light of day.

-Michael Rodham-Heaps-

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