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Electric Moon – You Can See The Sound Of…


You Can See The Sound Of Electric MoonElectric Moon’s new release is a 10” white vinyl-only EP. These will only be available at shows, so you lucky people who not only get to see them play live can also snap up this wonderful piece at the same time.

Side A begins with “The Inner Part.” Lush synth bass notes hover serenely under some Steve Hillage-style gliss guitar before the drums hit in and we are off on a full-on Krautrock style motorik in a Neu! vein. Vocals hover eerily amidst the planetary unfolding riff. But this is not cold outer space, this is the warmth of space sifted through a Hawkwind veil. It travels through multi-coloured gaseous clouds and as the track stutters to an end it leaves you hanging there amongst these other worlds.

Track two on side A is “Your Own Truth,” which starts with a bass heavy riff and scatter drums from Michael Orloff. When the whispered vocals come in from Komet Lulu we are heading towards a Kim Gordon-sounding track from an early Sonic Youth album. Sula Bassana’s guitar adds an atonal clang underneath proceedings as the relentless rhythm pounds on: this is Daydream Nation for the cosmic nation.

Side B is taken up with one long track called “No Escape From Now.” This opens with some Ash Ra-sounding echoed guitar from Sula and some wonderful warm synth twirls as the drums pick up a pulse beat that builds into a tribal rhythm, not too dissimilar too Hawkwind’s “Ghost Dance” from the ’84 Stonehenge free festival. A drone of other worldly sounding “Om” collides underneath this brooding freak out as the track begins to soar. Echoed vocals call out to the void above undulating instruments. Then the track begins to slow its pace and suddenly we feel we are more like we are in Syd Barrett Floyd era before some powerful lead picks up the reins of the track. Then slowly we drift back down to earth with the echo spiralling around us and a desert guitar sound plucking notes from the sky. This would be the perfect track for an early evening at a summer festival where you could just let it envelope you in its vibe.

A great little EP and worth picking up at one of the gigs – hopefully we will soon get our chance in the UK to not only catch the band live but also pick up gems like this.

-Gary Parsons-

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