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Bass Communion – Sisters Oregon

Substantia Innominata

Bass Communion - Sisters OregonDeeply droney and rumbling, the mysterious tones of Sisters Oregon finds its source material at least in part drawn from recordings by Steven Wilson (of No-Man, Porcupine Tree and more) of a boy’s choir, though this is rarely made obvious. Other sound origins are even less identifiable, so perhaps its best to simply leave it as the latest exercise in Bass Communion‘s explorations of the wonderful world of elevated audio atmosphere.

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Hitoshi Kojo and Yannick Dauby – La Vie Dans Les Airs Et Dans Les Eaux

Substantia Innominata

Hitoshi Kojo and Yannick Dauby - La Vie Dans Les Airs Et Dans Les EauxCreaky, scraping, spinning tones and the sound of rolling objects on metal; ominous drones and fragrantly uptilted shimmers abound, horns and moans, whirrs and clicks

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Kreng – Selfed

Substantia Innominata

Kreng - SelfedThe latest instalment in Drone Records‘ series of double 10″ vinyl releases comes from Pepijn Caudron, AKA Kreng. Commissioned for a dance piece choreographed by Kevin Trappeniers, and performed in Ljubljana by Dagmar Dachauer, Selfed is envisioned as a metaphorical method for breaking down the borders thrown up by both the individual and society.

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Band of Pain / Nurse with Wound – Noinge / Gloakid With Phendrabites / Nurse with Wound – Dark Fat

Band of Pain / Nurse with Wound - Noinge / Gloakid With Phendrabites

“Noinge” / “Gloakid With Phendrabites” Dirter Promotions

The first side is the sound of the playful Band Of Pain remixing Nurse With Wound‘s A Sucked Orange in a game of arrant right-angles and ink-splattered goodness where the original source material is utterly fucked over in malfunctioning attention deficits that splutter like a cyborg cat with a data hairball.

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Toy.Bizarre – kdi dctb 180 / Moljebka Pvlse – In Love and Death, You Are Alone

Substantia Innominata

Toy.Bizarre - kdi dctb 180The latest instalment in Cédric Peyronnet‘s series of cryptically titled releases as Toy.Bizarre manifests as part of Drone Records‘ lovingly assembled Substantia Innominata imprint, arriving wrapped in a delightfully warped 10″ sleeve which not only manages to make brown and sepia look stunning ( a rare trick), but would also make a great poster as a result. The vinyl inside is clear, however, and each side reveals an unfolding tale of otherworldy, hypnotic soundscapes which seem to be built on the assumption that there is other world (or worlds) of sound not that far out of reach from this one.

The neatly judged cut’n’paste aesthetic that Peyronnet deploys slips and slides from recursive watery loops through close-mic’ed hikes across

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Protection – The 10″ EP

Formlessness Press

Protection - The 10" EPRemember the ’90s? Well, I only vaguely do. But ignore all that Britpop/Cool Britannia shit, as nationally embarrassing in the cold light of day as Diana’s funeral, and think in a more esoteric direction. Think of Coil‘s classic album Love’s Secret Domain, and the fucked-up techno they were doing back then. Do you remember? Protection certainly do, being a synth duo one half of which has worked with both Coil and Cyclobe in the past. And while they both take a turn providing vocals (although there’s also a special guest, about whom more later) the ghost of Jhonn Balance is never far away. But this is no slavish copyist bollocks; they’ve taken that vaguely-defined, liminal sound and run with it,

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Faust and Omar Rodríguez-López – Live at Clouds Hill

Clouds Hill

Faust and Omar Rodríguez-López - Live at Clouds HillOn the many occasions I have seen Faust live over the last years, the original krautrockers have played many favourites and songs from the ’70s classics, although mixed with some improvisations. But other times they grasp the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, letting them colour the expression, or even get a feel for a different setting creating new fresh music.

This time it is the core members of Faust, Jean-Hervé Péron and Zappi Diermaier, who have teamed up with Omar Rodríguez-López from The Mars Volta. Ultimately it sounds like a good idea, as the latter is well known to be capable of thinking outside a traditional song structure-like box, even though he now is making pop music

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Gallon Drunk – Live at Clouds Hill

Clouds Hill

Gallon Drunk - Live at Clouds HillFor those who have waited for a recent live document of Gallon Drunk, I’ll say it’s halfway there. As a part of the Clouds Hill live 10” series, only five songs fits on this white vinyl record and the good thing is that the fans can stay hungry for more.

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Bosnian Rainbows – Live at Clouds Hill

Clouds Hill

Bosnian Rainbows live at Clouds HillBosnian Rainbows is the recently-formed group of Omar Rodriguez-López from The Mars Volta, and supposedly a more pop-like approach to music than he did before. I haven’t encountered Bosnian Rainbows’ studio versions yet, so I was curious to what to expect of this live recording from a series of 10” vinyl documents by Clouds Hill studios in Hamburg.

What did I immediately hear? A record of powerful pop, energetic vocals and what sounds like a good live document. The band play very well together, and even though it is pop songs, it is easy to hear the kraut-prog influences. Not in a pompous way, as the songs are minimal and very much to the point. But still some of

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Electric Moon – You Can See The Sound Of…


You Can See The Sound Of Electric MoonElectric Moon’s new release is a 10” white vinyl-only EP. These will only be available at shows, so you lucky people who not only get to see them play live can also snap up this wonderful piece at the same time.

Side A begins with “The Inner Part.” Lush synth bass notes hover serenely under some Steve Hillage-style gliss guitar before the drums hit in and we are off on a full-on Krautrock style motorik in a Neu! vein. Vocals hover eerily amidst the planetary unfolding riff. But this is not cold outer space, this is the warmth of space sifted through a Hawkwind veil. It travels through multi-coloured gaseous clouds and as the track stutters to an

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Monkey Island/The Dublo – Defunctus Est/Baby Don’t Blues EP

L-13 Recordings

A split 10″ EP (and/or mini-album, perhaps – but anyway, its hand-stamped sleeve covers up a hefty chunk of vinyl, and the Gestetner-printed notes add an extra frisson of retro-cool to the packaging) from two of the ever-prolific Pete Bennett‘s bands is one of those things which only comes along once in a while. Sure, there are downloads (offered to buyers of this disc too, as it happens, bonus tracks included), there are similarly Latin-titled [post=monkey-island-luxe-redux text=”CDs”] and of course [post=membranes-wolfhounds-monkey-island-5-november text=”live”] shows, where both bands offer up blistering experiences of very different sorts. But this is a good old-fashioned analogue record, and vinyl-fetishism aside, thanks to Ed Deegan‘s skilled mastering it also sounds superb.

Monkey Island may kick the jams out of the post-punk yard and down the street with skronk and riffing grunge aplenty, but in the spaces

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Radio 9 – Motorik EP

Label: Enraptured Format: 10″

Radio 9 - Motorik EPThe title track of Radio 9‘s debut EP does exactly what it says; it’s Motorik as you could want, with the signature metronomic autobahn-riding groove copped from the big NEU! book of Dinger-drumming topped off by a throbbing bassline courtesy of Leon Muraglia and the beguiling synthesizer sweeps and swatches courtesy of Zoe Kemp. Since the former is the head honcho at London’s very swinging Kosmische Club, this Germanic sound connection comes as no surprise at all, but the (inevitable) initial impressions of taking the Harmostereodsseldorflabonia template at stock value is redeemed by the guitar work and the dynamics of the thing. “Motorik” is definitely a catchy little number in the homage stakes, rather than being

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Oh. – 39 6

Label: MDZ Format: 10″

Taken from Oh.‘s recent Ecu album, “39,6” give no clues to its title in the curlicues of almost wistful synth trails, horizontal bass and crystal drum licks which make for a serenely cruising little ditty of a modest, soothing sort. The Sofa Surfers‘ mix offers up the slo-Funk to the main keyboard riff, dubbing up a collage of spreading fragments and taking the vibe down-tempo to the point of ambient stasis, while Console take a groove-based approach. Their happy Pop sensibilities make for a cheerful cycling breeze, barely flickering with the original melody and quite vaporous – but not actually vapid, and sharing the same sense of contented summer afternoon relaxation.

As for Blistex Lips, their version spins everything through some breakbeat science-book essays, chopping and rinsing out the beats as is the way of such things; but with the mellowness largely intact, just shuffled

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