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Animal Collective – Feels

Label: FatCat Format: 2LP,CD

Animal Collective – FeelsSometimes there are groups who are so off the wall that it’s a bit of a trip just hearing them for the first time. With Animal Collective, it’s fair to say that their oddness continues for the second, third and pretty much every listen, and Feels is one of their strangest and most compelling releases to date. Fortunately, it’s also one which is so easy to get lost in that one song segues into another slice of wheezing, groaning Folk-inflected psychedelia with such a reasonable sensory flow that it’s about half way through the album before noticing that Feels is not one entity, but is actually divided up. The music sounds as if it grew, rather than being composed, lyrics often uttered through a haze of effects and drones with an earnest sense of

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Animal Collective – Here Comes The Indian

Label: Paw Tracks Format: CD,LP

Here Comes The Animal - inside CD sleeveFrom the acid-drenched woodland scenes of the band members lurking in a mirror wilderness on the cover to the music itself, Here Comes The Indian screams and drones and scrawls with psychedelic brightness and insanity. The Animal Collective yell and chant, whip up frenzied percussive grooves from nothing then let them rip into splashes of unhinged harmonious melody – the lysergic force is almost physical, as deliriously fragmented arrangements skip from slow handclap group unconscious singalongs into soundscapes of noises off and murmured words processed from direct from the undergrowth.

The group seem content to let their whims guide the course of any one track, while succeeding in holding back the chaos to levels of listenable dementia for the most part with the practised ease of improv selectivity. Massed echo effects and

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