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Sula Bassana – The Ape Regards His Tail OST


Sula Bassana - The Ape Regards His Tail OSTBeautiful artwork by Komet Lulu is wrapped around this new release by Sula Bassana, which already tempts the listener to give it a spin. This is Sula’s first soundtrack album and is for Michael Yates’s new movie The Ape Regards His Tail.

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Sula Bassana – Organ Accumulator / Disappear

Sulatron /Deep Distance

Sula Bassana - Organ Accumulator“It was an evening in summer upon the placid temperate planet Mars. Up and down green wine canals, boats as delicate as bronze flowers drifted. In the long and endless dwellings that curved like tranquil snakes across the hills, lovers lay idly whispering in cool night beds” – Ray Bradbury, The Silver Locusts

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Sula Bassana – Shipwrecked


Sula Bassana - ShipwreckedLet us journey in to the far reaches of space. Let our mind travel through dark matter and push forward the boundaries of human knowledge. What soundtrack should we have for this celestial voyage to the outer regions? Why, Sula Bassana’s new album, of course.

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Sula Bassana – Kosmonauts

Deep Distance (2LP)/Sulatron (CD)

Sula Bassana – KosmonautsSci-fi is the theme behind David Schmidt’s latest (re-)release as Sula Bassana. Even though part of this was originally available on CD, Deep Distance have done a marvellous job with the vinyl version. Not only do you get two different coloured discs (it’s a double album) but also Komet Lulu’s artwork looks absolutely gorgeous on 12” vinyl size and gives off the perfect visual representation to the cosmic soundtracks within.

Side one starts with “Barbarella”, a homage to the space siren played by Jane Fonda in Roger Vadim’s 1968 camp science fiction spectacular. Bassana here doesn’t go for the garish histrionics that Maurice Jarre (father of Jean-Michel) produced for what was a very late sixties-style film; instead we get

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Sula Bassana – Live at Roadburn 2014


Sula Bassana ‎– Live at Roadburn 2014A wonderful new release from Sulatron Records has arrived on my home world, so here I go with trying to interpret the incoming data…

Sula Bassana‘s Live at Roadburn 2014 starts with the synthesizer cosmic wind of “Rainstorm” that works up into a thudding big riff as bass and drums roll around under some expressive guitar playing. This is pure freak-out music, the kind that Sula’s band Electric Moon do so well (Komet Lulu plays bass on this recording too, folks). This is heavy psych with a big lysergic hit of -edelic at the end of it. The track makes colour traces in the air as it begins to hit momentum and soaks up plenty of number 25 within

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Sula Bassana – The Night


Sula Bassana ‎– The NightThe Night is a CD reissue of Sula Bassana‘s 2009 LP and finds him playing some of his finest space rock on what could be seen as almost a concept album, all wrapped around by Frank Lewecke’s luscious cosmic sleeve design.

“In Space” opens the album and has more than a nod to ’50s sci-fi in its lush groove — the feel is more like The Tornados hitching a ride on the Metaluna space craft from This Island Earth. All instruments on the album are played by Sula and this just goes to show the man’s versatility on this wonderful, smooth opener. “Lost In Space” sets a motorik rhythm over which a 1967 Rick Wright freak-out organ sets its controls for outland in a silver-suited alien rampage around the

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Sula Bassana – Dark Days/Vibravoid – Gravity Zero


“How puzzling all these changes are! I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Sula Bassana - Dark Days“A very irregular head” is how the late, great Syd Barrett once described himself, and from the sounds blasting from my stereo Dave Schmidt AKA Sula Bassana could lay claim to the same quote. Dark Days is the fourth Bassana album, and wow, what a head-full it is…

Take off! And the album begins with “Underground,” a massive funky space workout with big deep bass notes and a riff that straddles the missing link between the Gaye Bykers on Acid and Kaptain Kopter and the Twirly Birds. This is a massive, blissful tune with some Steve Hillage-sounding lead that

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Electric Moon – Inferno/Sula Bassana –Dreamer


Electric Moon - InfernoI am already a fan of the wonderful Electric Moon after hearing both their 2010 début album Lunatics and last year’s monumental live double LP Cellar Space Live Overdose, so I was eager to give this new album a spin. For starters, the cover is a wonderful psychedelic creation that gives a nod to some of best artwork from the late ’60s and early ’70s. What we have on the album is two massive slabs of out-there music that roll in near the 70 minute mark.

Track one is “Mental Record,” which starts very slow and spacey, with echoed guitars playing over a strong but subdued bass riff while the drums scatter around in a jazz fashion. Soon this builds into a

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