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Laibach – Also Sprach Zarathustra



Laibach – Also Sprach ZarathustraSo Laibach made an album called Also Sprach Zarathustra. Which displays the kind of self-confidence, arrogance and sheer fucking balls for which Laibach are famous.

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Der Plan – Unkapitulierbar

Bureau B

Der Plan - UnkapitulierbarThey may have slipped out of the Neue Deutsche Welle limelight sometime ago, but this surprise newbie from Der Plan hits back with that familiar quirkiness that gave us “Du Bist Es Nicht”, “Gummitwist” and the sublime “Space Bob”.

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Schneider Kacirek – Radius Walk

Bureau B

Schneider Kacirek - Radius WalkOnce again, Bureau B are doing us proud with a couple of releases that showcase a couple of earlier generations of German electronic music, and also go some way to showing just how important and diverse the label has become.

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Psychic TV – Allegory And Self / Pagan Day

Dais / Sacred Bones

Allegory And Self

Psychic TV - Allegory And SelfAhhh, “Godstar” was a surprise back in the day, a light and airy departure from the Crowley curves and noisy exorcisms that had nailed the first two Psychic TV albums. Further Throbbing Gristle fan head-scratching ensued, more so when it hauled the operation completely overground

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Ocean Floor – Four Shadows

Aphelion Editions

Ocean Floor - Four ShadowsStraight from the cultural antenna of Aphelion Editions comes this intimate sonic experience, tonally chased in whirlpooling vibrato.

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The Tear Garden – The Brown Acid Caveat


The Tear Garden - The Brown Acid CaveatAh, The Brown Acid Caveat. We’ve all heard of it, though not necessarily by name. Delivered over the PA at Woodstock, it was an exhortation to avoid a particular type of tab that was doing the rounds. Probably well-meaning, it almost certainly led to a huge amount of freakouts among people who up until then had been tripping away merrily on that self-same acid.

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Various – Anthology of Lithuanian Art Music in the 21st Century

Music Information Centre Lithuania

Various - Anthology of Lithuanian Art Music in the 21st CenturyThis has the descriptive title of Anthology of Lithuanian Art Music in the 21st Century, which could mean a few things, but what we actually have is a load of contemporary compositions from Lithuania.

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Makemake – Something Between


Makemake - Something BetweenRecorded in the vast space of the CK Agora theatre in Wroclaw, Something Between is an album that reflects the size and shape of the venue in which it was performed through its reverberant feeling of volume and density.

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Gravetemple – Impassable Fears


At tGravetemple - Impassable Fearshe intersection of Stephen O’Malley‘s mammoth-sized drones, Oren Ambarchi‘s avant electronica and Attila Csihar‘s throaty imprecations lies Gravetemple; a ponderous yet often surprising three-headed beast that wallows and grinds its way from the depths further downward, if that were possible, into the cthonic shallows that lie beyond human understanding or desire.

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The Telescopes – As Light Return


The Telescopes - As Light ReturnI remember listening to The Telescopes at the back end of the ’80s, but was never as convinced of their power as that of the likes of Loop and My Bloody Valentine. I am sure Stephen Lawrie is sick of hearing the comparisons and after a long time, it was interesting to dip my toe back into their murky waters.

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Temple ov BBV – Temple ov BBV


Temple ov BBVSometimes, a little gentle trepanation is what’s needed to broaden the psychic horizons; at others, it’s less optimal than a plain old hole in the head. Temple ov BBV is seemingly all about the downsides; it’s not a happy album by any means, but it might cheer those prone to schadenfreude up

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Circle – Terminal

Southern Lord

That rock-hopping, prog-psych behemoth that is Circle - TerminalCircle have been comfortably straddling every rock-related genre that you can imagine for the best part of twenty-five years now and have been haemorrhaging albums at the rate and quality that would have most bands green with envy

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Sula Bassana – The Ape Regards His Tail OST


Sula Bassana - The Ape Regards His Tail OSTBeautiful artwork by Komet Lulu is wrapped around this new release by Sula Bassana, which already tempts the listener to give it a spin. This is Sula’s first soundtrack album and is for Michael Yates’s new movie The Ape Regards His Tail.

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Larkin Grimm – Chasing An Illusion

Northern Spy

Larkin Grimm - Chasing An IllusionSeeing Larkin Grimm at the (now demolished) Seymour’s Family Club in Bristol back in 2006(?) was a real pleasure, that incredible voice of hers just held its own, her musicianship spurring and stirring her wordy glow-forms.

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Nadja – Touched

Consouling Sounds

Nadja - TouchedThis is a first for me, listening to Nadja. For some reason they didn’t cross my radar, but on the strength of this re-release, I have seriously been missing out. Consouling Sounds have chosen to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the Alien8 release of this album by reissuing it with an extra disc containing an unreleased live studio version of the album and it is a very fine package indeed.

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