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Holger Czukay – Cinema


Holger Czukay - CinemaWhere to start with Holger Czukay? His is a name with which any self-respecting music fan will be only too familiar.

Holger had a career that started in 1960 with the introduction of the Holger Schuring Quintet, then time spent as a student of Karlheinz Stockhausen

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The Residents – Fingerprince / Duck Stab / Buster & Glen

Cherry Red

Ah, where was I? Oh yeah, Residents re-issues. Normally, I make a point of not reviewing the same artist more than once for this august organ. Mostly this is driven less by any terribly noble or high-minded critical rationale than by a blind fear of thoughtlessly repeating myself and being found out for just endlessly recycling the same half-dozen tired ideas.

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Ghost Music – I Was Hoping You’d Pass By Here


Ghost Music - I Was Hoping You'd Pass By HereAfter twenty years of playing in various groups together and apart, Ghost Music finds songwriters Matt Randall and Lee Hall reunited and plying a fine example of what I would consider to be melancholic English coastal music.

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Ministry – AmeriKKKant

Nuclear Blast

Ministry - AmeriKKKantWhen Donald Trump was inexplicably elected to be the forty-fifth president of the United States of America, social media was abuzz with people making trite comments about “ah well, at least we’ll get some great art out of it”, as if that was really what we should be worrying about. That said, though

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Cocteau Twins – Head Over Heels / Treasure


Head Over Heels

Cocteau Twins - Head Over HeelsAbsolutely loving the saturated colours of this re-pressed artwork, definitely more reactive than the icy grey of my ’83 original. The spray-painted water waltzing the eye in hiccupping fissure and blurring nitrate. A suggestion of fossilised form and rupturing collapse

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Zoë Mc Pherson – String Figures

SVS Records

Zoë Mc Pherson - String Figures“Tell me the story”, a sibilant voice whispers on the album’s opening track, “i. Sabotage Story (unknot opening)”.

Well, OK; you asked for it.

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Delphine Dora – Eudaimon


Delphine Dora - EudaimonThis is a sparse beauty. Eudaimon explores the magic and mysticism of Kathleen Raine‘s poetry in multi-tracked voice and unadorned piano. Delphine Dora‘s borrowed words melt in a melancholic sweetness, floating out on a mandolin of needled ivory.

The Nico comparisons are hard to avoid, but

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Coil – Astral Disaster Sessions Un/finished Musics


Coil - Astral Disaster SessionsSo let’s just get this out of the way first. This is going to be a horribly biased review. Coil almost single-handedly squeegied my third ear open. They lit up the left side of my musickal brain like a flare going off in a broom cupboard. I am hopelessly partisan, unutterably in love, deeply impressed by and unashamedly in awe.

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The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Double Negative

Leather Apron

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing - Double NegativeThose of you who are inclined towards the comic book medium may remember a short-lived title that ran in the very late 80s and very early 90s called Baker Street. Created by Gary Reed and Guy Davis, the story was, as you’d expect, yet another riff on Sherlock Holmes. The twist this time, though, was that punk had happened in the Victorian era. It was steampunk without the Victorian computers and stuff.

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Holy Motors – Slow Sundown

Wharf Cat

Holy Motors - Slow SundownA spectral, dream-inducing five-piece from Estonia is not what I was expecting to be listening to, but that is what Holy Motors are and this, their first album, is a thing of rare beauty.

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Ufomammut – 8

Neurot (vinyl and CD) / Supernatural Cat (vinyl)

Ufommamut - 8So. Ufomammut‘s 8. That’s not the same as New Model Army‘s Eight, though both are the eighth albums by their respective artists. This is 8 as in ∞ turned on its side. Eight seamless tracks of endless riffs — sounds about right.

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Anna von Hausswolff – Dead Magic

City Slang

Anna von Hausswolff - Dead MagicThat organ vibe is immense, reverbs the Copenhagen church it was recorded in a solemn flood, crested by a bewitchment of voice. A vocal that brings to mind His Name Is Alive‘s Karin Oliver, then shifts in with Kendra Smith inflexions, gymnastically leaping to elsewhere, soaring on singed syllable.

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Kim Myhr – You|Me


Kim Myhr - You|MeThe last couple of years have been busy for Kim Myhr. You|Me is his third album of 2017, including two collaborations: one with Lasse Marhaug and one with Ingar Zach; while in 2016, he released two albums, including one with Jenny Hval and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra.

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Iannis Xenakis – Persepolis


Iannis Xenakis - PersepolisMohammad Reza – better known to the world as the (last) Shah of Iran – was not a hugely likeable man. In 1979, as a youngster struggling to make sense of the images of the unfolding revolution that were flooding in via the BBC Six O’clock News, I remember my father explaining it to me

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Erik Honoré – Unrest


Erik Honoré - UnrestHubro are doing such a great job of cataloguing and drawing to our attention the vibrant neo-jazz/experimental scene in Scandinavia. This latest album from Erik Honoré, following on from 2014’s well-received Heliographs, explores further his experiments in the melding of live improv and sampling technology.

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