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Palcolor – Wróg


Palcolor - WrógWibbly and wobbly, moody and motivated, Palcolor‘s newest release heaves with a purposeful sense of direction that takes its cue from the most determined of electronica while usually being prepared to step somewhere outside the safer zones of sequenced music.

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The Green Child – The Green Child

Upset The Rhythm

The Green Child - The Green ChildThe fruits of a musical collaboration between Mikey Young and Raven Mahon, The Green Child début LP is a delightfully melodic beast with rounded percussives that shaves off the acuteness of life’s right-angles.

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Schlammpeitziger – Damenbartblick Auf Pregnant Hill

Bureau B

Damenbartblick Auf Pregnant HillReleasing records on and off since 1993, Jo Zimmerman has found another new home on the eternal home for musical explorers Bureau B. His first Schlammpeitziger album since 2014’s What’s Fruit? finds him in less of a disco place, with the beats a little slower — but the vibe still as deliciously idiosyncratic and strangely surreal as ever.

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Momus – Create I: Procreate

Cherry Red

Momus - Create I : ProcreateAfter the major retrospective of last year, Cherry Red have decided to treat us to reissue frenzy from Momus‘s back catalogue. Divided into two deluxe three CD packages aptly entitled Procreate, the first of which gives you a lusty and languid taste of the 1980s via a trio of albums Nick Currie did for Alan McGee‘s Creation label.

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Normil Hawaiians – More Wealth Than Money

Upset The Rhythm

Normil Hawaiians - More Wealth Than MoneyThe good people at Upset the Rhythm have very wisely taken the opportunity, on the strength of their return to play live dates, to reissue the first album Normil Hawaiians recorded and released back in 1982; and what an absolute gem of post-post-punk pioneering spirit it truly is.

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The Residents – Meet The Residents / Third Reich’n’Roll

The Residents - Meet The Residents

Cherry Red

20 minutes into the future. Allow me a short digression:

He’s the toast of the town (lightly buttered). He’s the non-fattening sugar substitute in your tea. He’s a bon vivant, a gaucho amigo, a goomba, a mensch, and the fifth musketeer. He’s the apple of your eye and aren’t you glad he’s here? Direct from a wax and shine at the car-wash around the corner, it’s the man of the hour, or for at least a good thirty minutes…

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Jozef van Wissem – Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back

Consouling Sounds

Jozef van Wissem - Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn BackAfter years of collaborations and different labels, Jozef van Wissem‘s second album for Consouling Sounds finds him and his lute once more alone without outside assistance to deter him from this unique vision. Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back is a glorious journey into time and space with only the lute and various electronics to guide us.

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Autunna Et Sa Rose – Entrelacs Du Rêve


Autunna Et Sa Rose - Entrelacs du RêveAutunna Et Sa Rose is a multimedia project that has been running for the best part of twenty years and is the brainchild of Saverio Tesolato. His desire to weave together various strands of art into a cohesive whole has taken him in many directions over the years, and now finds him attempting to translate two specific dreams into a web of musical poetry that sits with the abstract images of the cover art.

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Yuri Morozov – Strange Angels

Buried Treasure

Yuri Morozov - Strange Angels

Kept underground by the Soviets for too many years, Yuri Morozov‘s legacy is finally spreading its wings and flying into your ears. His Inexplicable and Human Extinction albums house some of the most unhinged electronic experiences I’ve tasted for a long while, and this teasing compilation from Buried Treasure scoops a lot of the same, whilst getting fruity with the progressive tinkles.

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Robert Sotelo – Cusp

Upset The Rhythm

Robert Sotelo - CuspIf you went ahead and read the lovely interview with Robert, published in this august journal, you will have already learnt a few intriguing things about this unique talent, one of which is that Sotelo is a pseudonym. A pseudonym under which it has been possible for the artist (I won’t name him as it doesn’t seem necessary, but you can find out if you buy the record)

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Magma – Retrospektïẁ Volume I + II and III

Southern Lord

Magma - Retrospektiw I + II and IIIRetrospektïẁ I, II and III are the crown jewels of the Magma empire. You’ll get told elsewhere that those jewels are located in the 1970s studio albums by Magma. You will get told that by people who cannot tell you why Christian Vander waited until 1980 to bring the key players of Magma back together at Olympia to record “Theusz Hamthaak”.

If you don’t understand why “Theusz Hamthaak”, and a full-spectrum revitalised version of “Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh” on Retrospektïẁ I & II, is not the most fundamental set that Magma can play in 1980, you need to go back and immerse yourself in the Magma canon and then come back to this review. It’s okay, it’ll be worth it.

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Zombie Zombie – Livity


Zombie Zombie - LivityZombie Zombie‘s fifth long player celebrates their tenth anniversary of recording for the Versatile label. Although the last album proper was 2012’s Rituels D’un Nouveau Monde, they have spent the intervening years scoring two movies and a contemporary circus show. I think that these extra-curricular activities have fed nicely into the sound world that has been created on Livity, (a Rastafarian spiritual concept based on the energy existing and flowing through all living beings).

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Ekoplekz – Cassettera

Planet Mu

Ekoplekz - CassetteraCollecting together ten orphans and excursions from this year’s Bioprodukt LP, Ekoplekz‘s Cassettera is of course only available physically as a limited-edition cassette (but can be downloaded form the usual places too).

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Amp – Q Factors (A Mixtape)

Ampbase Recordings

Amp - Q factors (a mixtape)The wonderful Amp have now been ploughing their particular furrow for the last twenty-five years or so. Having been birthed from the same fertile Bristol scene as Third Eye Foundation, Flying Saucer Attack, Movietone and Crescent, the band that finally coalesced around the duo of Karine Charff and Richard Amp have been regularly releasing the kind of drifting, transportative and adventurous albums that really take the listener on a journey.

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Ut – Ut / Confidential


Ut - Ut + ConfidentialFor me, Ut were the unsung heroes of that Noise New York scene and to see their essential work being re-issued can only be a good thing. Crawling from the same scene that spawned Swans, Sonic Youth, James Chance and Richard Hell, what made the band special was not that they were all women; this was a scene that had strong women like Kim Gordon, Lydia Lunch, Ann Magnusson and generated bands like Mars, DNA and Band of Susans. No, what made them special was their absolute democracy

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