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Nisennenmondai – N

Blast First Petite

Nisennenmondai - NStuck in traffic for hours, long after I desperately had to get somewhere. I’m still intent, which is past reason.

What she’s doing on the guitar reminds me of the mid-’90s experimental electro scene. Ooh, nice bit of panning. Does that come off live?

I bet it would be good live. They played in London, just recently, and a bunch of other places, including Bristol I think, before.

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Venetian Snares – My Love Is A Bulldozer

Planet Mu

Venetian Snares – My Love is a BulldozerDownstairs, Grandpa’s listless hand lowered the needle. He reclined. His chair was as starchy soft as the scratched record’s hiss. Sister Rosetta flowed above that sound as the Decca spun.

The hiss faded as the music warmly flooded the hallway, and only she got to the top of the stairs. The bathroom light, faulty, pinged and zapped above Rosetta’s mellifluous tones, making Freddy’s ear occasionally twitch.

Freddy’s puffy bitten right hand was closed around a dirty cup of water. In his other he grasped an unscrewed rizla, pills in its centre. His television, black and white, reflected across the hall in the bathroom mirror, seemed to depict a still image — until a hand moved, and a

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Lukas Ligeti – Pattern Time


Lukas Ligeti: Paris Hilton of c21st avant-garde. No, that’s bollocks. I just wanted to say it. I did pick this CD up because György Ligeti is one of my favourite composers, and Lukas is his son. But, save for a striking similarity in surname, there’s only glib, superficial similarities between father and son: bits of Pattern Time could bear a passing resemblance to Ligeti Sr’s “Movimento Preciso e meccanico” (from Chamber Concerto, 1969-70) or the later piano études but it’s a strained comparison at best.

The problem I’ve had with this CD isn’t so much that it’s difficult music, so much as having such a paltry grasp on where it’s coming from. It feels like a sort of jazz fusion record – right down to a Pastorius-taught fretless bassist – but seems much closer to African traditions than it does anything

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