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Alexander Rishaug – Ma.Org Pa.Git


Alexander Rishaug - Ma.Org Pa.GitMa.Org Pa.Git is the fifth solo release from the Norwegian sound artist and experimental musician Alexander Rishaug. Here he is exploring the space and the acoustics of a church organ and the hiss, overtones and feedback of an old tube amp and electric guitar. The album consist of two long pieces, recorded in the Norwegian seaman’s church in Rotterdam. Even though the material is heavily processed and recomposed, the overall feeling is genuinely spacious and acoustic.

The sounds are subtle, with very weak hisses or extremely slowly built up ambient drones. The volume is low, it is definitely not intrusive, it’s rather more like when you listen to someone talking very quietly, and you have to try to make an effort to listen to what was said. Not that I am certain Rishaug wants to express

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Alexander Rishaug – Shadow of Events


alexander rishaug - shadow of eventsAlexander Rishaug is a sound artist, producer and musician from Oslo, Norway, and one of the original members of the improv-collective ARM with Are Mokkelbost and Arne Borgan. He has also collaborated with artists such as Lasse Marhaug, Ingar Zach, Martin Horntvedt, and remixed albums by Jazkamer and metal bands Ulver and She Said Destroy.

A new release from the minimalist is a rare event, as this is his third solo album since 2001. This album has been under work since 2006, with Rishaug recording and composing, or collecting field recordings and editing, taking his time. This slow process is somehow reflected in the quiet slowness of this album. Although it is not entirely quiet. A mix of field recordings, organ sounds and piano, sometimes combined with digital sounds, creates some sort of minimalist space ambient.

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