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Map 71 – Gloriosa

Fourth Dimension

Map 71 - GloriosaSome of the best things come about from unplanned events: Lisa Jayne and drummer Andy Pyne (from Kellar, Medicine and Duty and more) first manifested as an impromptu performance at Supernormal in 2013 and this is their latest cassette together as Map 71

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Mondkopf – They Fall But You Don’t

In Paradisum

Mondkopf - They Fall but You Don'tThis latest LP from Mondkopf finds Paul Régimbeau returning to his solo electronic music guise following stints as a member of groups such as Autrenoir, Foudre! and Oiseaux-Tempêtes.

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Slomo – Transits


Slomo - TransitsTransits consists of three evenly spaced explorations of sonic time and motion taken – as the band name suggests – at the speed that the duo of Holy McGrail and Howard Marsden find most conducive to eroding the boundaries between the listener and the music.

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Empusae – Lueur

Consouling Sounds

Empusae - LueurWith just two LP tracks totalling a shade over forty minutes long, Lueur presents its mood-altering substance in paths that wander from ultra-faded darkness into the natural world and back again.

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Dead Neanderthals – Craters

Consouling Sounds

Dead Neanderthals - CratersThe very definition of slow-burning, Dead Neanderthals‘ début release for Consouling Sounds draws out what at first listen seems like an introduction over half the length of the CD’s single track and across the whole of one side of the vinyl edition.

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Hibushibire – Freak Out Orgasm!

Riot Season

Hibushibire - Freak Out Orgasm!With no less a space cadet than Makoto Kawabata at the production controls, it’s no surprise that Hibushibire engender fabulous furry freak riffs of a sort that Acid Mothers Temple can be heard blasting into space at any given psychedelic happening.

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Sleep – The Clarity

Southern Lord

Sleep - The Clarity 12"Ten minutes and ten seconds of stoner riffs that some waited some sixteen years to arrive since the last hazy wafts of Sleep‘s 1998 LP Dopesmoker faded out, “The Clarity” finds Al Cisneros and Matt Pike joined by Jason Roeder of Neurosis on drums. Originally released as a digital single in 2014, it now gets the full Southern Lord vinyl treatment

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Syndrome – Forever And A Day

Consouling Sounds

Syndrome - Forever And A DayPacking a lot into its two sides of vinyl (or one track on the CD edition), Forever And A Day finds Mathieu Vandekerckhove (Amenra, Kingdom and Sembler Deah) in a musical meditation on his relationship with his father, and the sculpture that he made for his son around the time of his birth. This bronze torso and head appears in close-up detail on the LP sleeve and provides a weighty entry point to the album’s shifting, slowly unfolding moods.

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Nadja – The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun, Nor Carved With A Knife


Nadja - The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun, Nor Carved With A KnifeThere’s a moment on The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun, Nor Carved With A Knife, not long into “The Stone”, where Nadja hit their full metal mark, ramp up the drone-doom riffs hard and it becomes essential to reach for the volume knob in order to bring the levels up yet further.

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Günter Schlienz – Autumn


Günter Schlienz - AutumnOccasionally known as Navel, whose Ambient series of albums of last decade included Eno-referencing titles such as Music For Spaceports, Günter Schlienz has been making delicately shaded melodic drones and curling electronica since the 1990s. His latest release comes courtesy of Zoharum, and concerns itself with the theme of autumn.

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Unruly Milk – Spilaggges


Unruly Milk - SpilagggesA suitably rumbunctious beast, Unruly Milk‘s Spilaggges combines the eclectic guitar playing of Joe Thompson (also of Hey Colossus and Henry Blacker) with the rippling interventions of Kek (Hacker Farm and Ice Bird Spiral) to make for a neatly under-produced début album. Add in occasional vocals from Elisa Thompson and some unspecified help from Stefano Giaconne and the results are a woozy wander through a West Country psychedelic mindscape

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Taman Shud – Oracle War


Taman Shud - Oracle War Sweeping in on a waft of churning organ and pounding drums, Taman Shud‘s second album Oracle War has more than a whiff of classic seventies grungy acid-frazzled rock to its fragrantly-flecked switchback riffs and tight-as-you-like chops and changes. As soon as the wall of sound starts propping up their house of the holy noise, it’s impossible not to see images of dank basements, oil-wheels turning and the air heavy with sweat, drugs and the sweet-smelling waft smoke gusting under the salad lights and strobes.

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Wolves In The Throne Room – Diadem Of 12 Stars


Wolves In The Throne Room - Diadem Of 12 StarsLong out of print and originally put out in 2006 by small DIY label Vendlus, then emerging on Southern Lord a year later, Diadem Of 12 Stars has now been remastered and re-released on Wolves In The Throne Room‘s own Artemisia Records.

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Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard – Sound X Sound: Music For 9 Pianos


Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard - Sound X Sound Music For 9 PianosNiels Lyhne Løkkegaard has been busily investigating the particular qualities that can come from quantity on his Sound X Sound series of seven 7” vinyl releases. In this third instance, he has nine pianists playing two very different pieces in a veritable fall and resurgence along the keyboard, descending and rising up from the depths with results that are on occasion remarkably similar to some of the impossible to play black MIDI tunes that were all the rage for a while.

As ever, Løkkegaard’s compositions are more about the properties of the sounds that each instrument generates rather than having a specific musical character. This is of course what some sections of the avant-garde have

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Ipek Gorgun – Aphelion


Ipek Gorgun - AphelionAphelion unfolds with the chirruping scratchiness of a host of slothful machines awakening and dozing, dreaming fitfully or snoozing comfortably in the electro-acoustic bath that Ipek Gorgun has prepared for them. Listened to in a state of semi-willing wakefulness in the imminent expectation of the arrival of hypnotised, tired-out dozing that movement through a landscape can engender, Aphelion matches those moods and the state of hovering just between consciousness and collapse.

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