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Christian Skjødt – Illumination / Dissolution And Suspension

Tonometer Music

Christian Skjødt - IlluminationChristian Skjødt‘s Illumination LP was commissioned for an installation of the same name he constructed at the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia in Riga in 2014. Released on 10″ clear vinyl and digitally, each side is exactly twelve minutes long, and captures a slice in time from the ten solar-powered analogue circuits which he had installed to resonate around the dome of an eighteenth century wine cellar.

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Raskol’nikov and Hjalmar – Yama


Raskol'nikov and Hjalmar - YamaGlitching its way out of the speakers with an eerie sense of space and place, Raskol’nikov and Hjalmar Hach mix environmental sounds and close-mic’d recordings with abstracted electronics, and together they set out on a mission to imaginary parks in the far yonder, into then up above the clouds.

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Perhaps – V

Riot Season

Perhaps - Mood-StabilizerThe fifth album (as the title indicates) from Perhaps credits no fewer than eleven members of the group, comes wrapped up in a mind-altering sleeve — all jagged reds and blues with a eyeball-in-hand motif that shrieks LSD ahoy — and consists of two parts of vinyl to its one track, the intriguingly titled “Mood-Stabilizer”.

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The Body and Full Of Hell – Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light

Thrill Jockey

The Body and Full Of Hell - Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy LightTheir second collaborative album finds The Body and Full Of Hell colliding into a molten lava field of brutality and raw emotional outpourings the like of which pulls teeth and punches metaphorical guts with nihilistic abandon.

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Beehatch – Oh Noh Me


Beehatch - Oh Noh MeBristling with brightly sparking passion and a mischievous sense that, in a musical world where all genres and forms are available, and (over-)familiar to everyone with a will to listen, therefore everything is permitted — as long as it works, and works well.

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Makemake – Something Between


Makemake - Something BetweenRecorded in the vast space of the CK Agora theatre in Wroclaw, Something Between is an album that reflects the size and shape of the venue in which it was performed through its reverberant feeling of volume and density.

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Rapoon – My Life As A Ghost / Rhiz


Rapoon - My Life As A GhostHallucinatory and suffused with a sense of being largely abstracted from place and time as it is generally understood to exist, Rapoon‘s My Life as A Ghost seethes with fluctuations in the space-time continuum. Drenched in reverberant FX, the album is in part a product of its era

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Vidna Obmana – The Face That Must Die

Old Captain

vidnaObmana - The Face That Must DieOriginally released in 1988 on cassette (and under the name Vidna Obmana as the project was styled in those days, rather than the later vidnaObmana), The Face That Must Die is very a much a release redolent of its post-industrial musical era, but still holds an effective and occasionally gruesome fascination thirty years later.

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Map 71 – Gloriosa

Fourth Dimension

Map 71 - GloriosaSome of the best things come about from unplanned events: Lisa Jayne and drummer Andy Pyne (from Kellar, Medicine and Duty and more) first manifested as an impromptu performance at Supernormal in 2013 and this is their latest cassette together as Map 71

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Mondkopf – They Fall But You Don’t

In Paradisum

Mondkopf - They Fall but You Don'tThis latest LP from Mondkopf finds Paul Régimbeau returning to his solo electronic music guise following stints as a member of groups such as Autrenoir, Foudre! and Oiseaux-Tempêtes.

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Slomo – Transits


Slomo - TransitsTransits consists of three evenly spaced explorations of sonic time and motion taken – as the band name suggests – at the speed that the duo of Holy McGrail and Howard Marsden find most conducive to eroding the boundaries between the listener and the music.

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Empusae – Lueur

Consouling Sounds

Empusae - LueurWith just two LP tracks totalling a shade over forty minutes long, Lueur presents its mood-altering substance in paths that wander from ultra-faded darkness into the natural world and back again.

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Dead Neanderthals – Craters

Consouling Sounds

Dead Neanderthals - CratersThe very definition of slow-burning, Dead Neanderthals‘ début release for Consouling Sounds draws out what at first listen seems like an introduction over half the length of the CD’s single track and across the whole of one side of the vinyl edition.

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Hibushibire – Freak Out Orgasm!

Riot Season

Hibushibire - Freak Out Orgasm!With no less a space cadet than Makoto Kawabata at the production controls, it’s no surprise that Hibushibire engender fabulous furry freak riffs of a sort that Acid Mothers Temple can be heard blasting into space at any given psychedelic happening.

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Sleep – The Clarity

Southern Lord

Sleep - The Clarity 12"Ten minutes and ten seconds of stoner riffs that some waited some sixteen years to arrive since the last hazy wafts of Sleep‘s 1998 LP Dopesmoker faded out, “The Clarity” finds Al Cisneros and Matt Pike joined by Jason Roeder of Neurosis on drums. Originally released as a digital single in 2014, it now gets the full Southern Lord vinyl treatment

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