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Icebreaker International/Appliance (live)

Icebreaker International @ The SpitzThe Spitz, London 7 June 2001 ApplianceThe Spitz tends to look different every time I go there. Tonight it is a late arrival just in time to see Appliance play their version of Krautrock-inspired Electronica. Projections on small screens around the room show Rand McNally maps of the Great Lakes areas of the US, Chicago Art Institute-like photos of fall/winter nature scenes, and stage backdrop of goldfish tank. Appliance seem to have a healthy loyal following here for support. The bloke on vocals has a nice singing voice and they range their own way into sounding a bit Jesus & Mary Chain; fuzzy, lightly motor-ish, but on the whole, uninspiring. I have got to face the million flight walk downstairs to the loo before Icebreaker International, which is not the easiest task,

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Rough Trade 25th Anniversary: Max Tundra/Appliance/Karamasov/Pilote/Janek Schaefer/Duplo (live)

Max TundraCargo, London 28 February 2001

It only seems like, ooh, five years since Rough Trade were celebrating their 20th year as the Indiest of Indie shops; tonight’s gig in the cavernous railway arches which are the hyper-trendy Cargo venue showcases some of recent years’ emergent electronic and guitar-droning artists.

DuploFirst up is the geekly-chic Duplo, who continues in jump-cut noise Electro style even through his towered-up PC crashes at the start of the set. How weird it seems now to see an artist using a full-sized chunk of kit on stage instead of a laptop, but the effects are the same; buzzing, funny swatches of distended beats and fractured rhythms made into an enjoyably silly-putty blast. Then the main stage area begins to fill up from the bar side when Janek Schaefer starts his drone set, and even if the crowd

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