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Asmus Tietchens – In Die Nacht/Litia

Bureau B

Ok, apologies for the absurd delay in this – these two Asmus Tietchens albums were re-issued in November of 2013 and a whole festive period and all the excessive faff that that entails has gone and left me only writing this far too late in the day.

It’s relevant to this review because I tend to prefer giving a record a go in a way that’s looking to listen to it with new ears, and getting words did has been tricky – the records have been sat around, listened to fairly frequently and are about ready to make their final journey to either the “yeah, I’ll listen to that a couple more times” pile or the “… alright, but maybe so-and-so would give it a decent loving home, feed it and make it feel wanted.”

In the vogueish (reprehensible, tiresome, deplorable etc.) fashion of clickbait, you won’t BELIEVE

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Asmus Tietchens – Biotop/Spät-Europa

Bureau B

I have to say I was ignorant of Asmus Tietchens until he played recently in Brighton at Spirit of Gravity (an experimental electronica night that’s very much worth your time if you’re in the area). A load of my mates who were of age in the ’80s speak in hushed, reverent tones of the man Tietchens. I have to confess, I’m often a bit sceptical of the ‘legendary, under-exposed electronic artist’ tag but Tietchens isn’t that – he’s someone who’s done the same thing for a fair while and does it incredibly well. The set he did that night was blinding – loads of layers of beautiful sounds melanged beautifully. It’s a shame, in some senses, that I’m reviewing records older than me rather than his current stuff because, on the basis of that night, he’s as worth paying attention to for his current work as he is

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Roedelius & Schneider – Stunden /Qluster – Rufen/Moebius & Tietchens – S/T

Bureau B

Over the past few years, Hamburg’s Bureau B label has released an astonishing treasure trove of music. Reissues of long out of print kraut classics, including much of the enormous [post=cluster-roundup text=”back catalogue of the Cluster family”], now sit alongside brand new work by many of the people from the German scene, old and new, including recent releases from [post=faust-something-dirty text=”Faust”] and [post=kreidler-tank text=”Kreidler”]. The label now returns to the Cluster camp for us to catch up with just what Moebius and Roedelius have been up to since they last disbanded the duo a couple of years back.

Well, it seems the answer to that is, they’ve been forming more duos. For Stunden, Hans-Joachim Roedelius gets together with To Rococo Rot’s Stefan Schneider to

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Asmus Tietchens And vidnaObmana – The Shifts Recyclings

Label: Soleilmoon Format: 2CD

Asmus Tietchens And Vidna Obmana – The Shifts RecyclingsShifts is a solo project by Frans de Waard, ostensibly to produce ambient music using interwoven guitar patterns with various added effects and special recording techniques. In this collaboration the Shifts recordings have been taken and reprocessed by Asmus Tietchens and vidnaObmana . Each artist was given the same sound material and then left to their own devices to come up with a `recycling’. The result is two CDs, one by each artist, and both are very different. Disc 1 is a very minimal set of reworkings, combining the understated and skeletal drippings of small metals, whispering and muffled beats. It is the more abstract of the two discs in some ways and the least recognisable

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