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Banco de Gaia – 9th Of Nine Hearts

Disco Gecko

Banco de Gaia - 9th Of Nine HeartsAfter some wonderful reissues of classic albums with a plethora of extras, here is Banco de Gaia’s long -awaited new album; and typically the sound of this album moves off into different directions that Toby Marks may have only touched upon before.

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Various Artists – Strange-Eyed Constellations

Disco Gecko

Various Artists – Strange-Eyed ConstellationsI’m a sucker for this kind of thing. I totally bought into the Planet Dog/Shamanarchy angle as a teenager and still buy in now. This compilation has been put together by Toby Marks AKA Banca de Gaia, one of the heads of the scene in the ’90s, a guy who used to be everywhere, whose music was played at and defined by West Country beach parties and forest raves, who always seemed to be spinning.

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Banco de Gaia – Ollopa: Apollo Remixed

Disco Gecko

Banco de Gaia - OllopaThe moon is a strange mistress. She is the one object in the universe that controls more of what happens here on Earth than any other celestial body. She controls the tides on our planet and has been worshipped by many in the past and even still today. The remix of Toby Marks’ last album sings hymns to the lunar where the original album joyously chanted to Sol.

Tripswitch’s remix of the original album’s closing tune “Acquiescence” is quite sublime. It is a night time chill out; it is the soundtrack to watching the moon rise above the Parthenon. Warm synth pads ooze over hand drums and soft vocals call out into the warm night air. Tripswitch has made the track seem

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Banco de Gaia – Apollo

Disco Gecko

Banco De Gaia - ApolloThis is Banco de Gaia’s first new studio recording for seven years and the thing that has impressed me initially about it is the beautiful cover design. The painting of the ancient Greek temple on the front of the sleeve gives you some indication to the music contained within. Automatically it makes me aware that Banco is on the move again geographically. From the ancient Mayans to travelling through Tibet, Banco’s work can sometimes be seen as a travelogue for both inner and outer experiences. Whether or not these are places Toby Marks has visited or a kind of musical atmosphere he thinks of when contemplating these areas matters not, because the real journey in the end is the musical

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System 7/Banco de Gaia (live at The Garage)

The Garage, London 5 October 2012

At the end of the day most venues are the same, there’s a bar the stage a mixing desk and a few nice lights (if you’re lucky). I had not been to The Garage in a long time but remember seeing some great gigs there. As I entered the layout was the same as it had always been, however, System 7 and their cohorts had got their hands on the venue and turned it into a cross between the UFO Club and the old Club Dog meets a Goa beach rave. Colours were everywhere, the ceiling hung with multi-patterned flower shapes as liquid projections danced around the walls. This was true psychedelia in a ’67 style.

Banco de Gaia

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