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Ben Zimmerman: The Opposite

The recently unearthed double LP of Ben Zimmerman’s experiments with Tandy DeskMate music in the 1990s was a revelation; here, Software presents Ramez Silyan‘s short but informative documentary on The Baltika Years:

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Ben Zimmerman – The Baltika Years


Ben Zimmerman - The Baltika YearsRecorded over the space of ten years up until the early part of the current century, The Baltika Years gathers together a selection of recordings that Ben Zimmerman made almost entirely from samples he manipulated using software running on the now long-defunct Tandy DeskMate computer operating system.

Working around and within the limitations of the music software available on DeskMate (such as 22 kHz 8-bit audio), Zimmerman recorded a range of compositions, some lengthy (the side-long “Phyllis” on the first disc) and others ranging from half a minute to five minutes at the most. Lurking behind the haze of tape hiss and lo-fi digital sound sources is a collection of surprisingly bright music which operates somewhere at the interface between

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