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Zombie Zombie (live at Birthdays)

Etienne Jaumet of Zombie Zombie live at Birthdays September 2013London 18 September 2013

Zombie Zombie is an enigma. They are neither straight ahead progressive rock like near-namesake Zombi, nor either are they jazz or even space disco, but somehow an odd amalgamation of all three. Yes, they are a synth- and percussion-based band, but there is so much more in there. This was reflected in the audience that turned up tonight; there were prog rockers, synth nerds, someone wearing a Jean Michel Jarre t-shirt and yes, some hipsters as well.

For this tour (as with the last one as well) drummer Cosmic Neman is augmented by a second drummer to add extra power to the percussion and push the songs forward with more force. Etienne Jaumet stands behind

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