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Bizzy B – Science EP Volumes III + IV

Label: Planet Mu Format: 2×10″ (Vol. IV only), CD

Science EPs Vols. III + IV - sleeve detailUpdating the sound of Drum’n’Bass as he’s been rinsing it out since the early days, Bizzy B‘s Science EP Vols. III and IV CD doesn’t so much re-invent Junglist mania as restate it with extra oomph. There are no obvious surges into Grimey territory or cheap nods to Garage, but plenty of fun to be had from Bizzy B’s messing with the general form, remoulding and disassembling it along the way. While Vols III and IV offers plenty of straight-up, full-tilt hardcore D&B, the requisite soul diva samples are kept to a bare minimum and the equally well-utilised countown to takeoff and Dancehall MC snippets floating around but thankfully not over-used. On the surface and initally offering up straightforward examples of how to produce genre-set breakbeat frenzy,

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