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Black Dice/Dominic Butler (live at Baba Yaga’s Hut)

Dominic Butler at Corsica StudiosCorsica Studios, London 24 June 2013

The last time I saw Black Dice was in 2009 at the Tufnell Park Dome when they were joined by fellow uplifting souls Experimental Dental School amongst others. The evening had been a reasonably enjoyable listen of eclectic sounds and rhythms up until the point that the three members of Black Dice took to the stage. From then on in it was absolute deafening chaos of the most enjoyable kind. I was lucky enough to catch the shock, horror and outright disgust on the faces of the north London bar staff as they frantically reached for the nearest set of earplugs to abate the sonic terror being unleashed from that small stage.

It is with quite a bit of

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Black Dice – Creature Comforts

Label: FatCat Format: CD

Creature Comforts - sleeve detailCreature Comforts is a drifting album of instruments and electronics, where rhythm and tune merge and mutate into one another. New sounds growing out of old ones. An epic psychedelic jam at points like listening alien conversation, or elsewhere like a chorus of demented narcotic Hawaiian guitars.

Citing contemporaries such as Sonic Youth does little to define Creature Comforts. It at once sounds very much instrumental while at the same time being electronic. The band have ventured far into the world of electronica here, almost bordering on microsonic – if microsonic music can be said to have borders. Perhaps attitude and approach are more important. Black Dice have a love of sound for its own sake. The fact that instruments are used (or not pushed beyond the point of all recognition) makes the sound reminiscent of

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