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Blues Pills (live at The Jazz Cafe)

London 21 November 2017

Blues Pills live November 2017Over the last couple of years, Blues Pills have toured tirelessly and worked hard to become a big crowd-pulling concert act filling out large venues across Europe. So it was a bit of a surprise when they announced a rather intimate show at the small Jazz Café in London, but no surprise when the show sold out.

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Blues Pills – Live

Nuclear Blast

Blues Pills - LiveBlues Pills are one of the best new bands to emerge in recent years that very generously tip their hat at the great heavy rock and psychedelic music of the late sixties. This limited release album by Nuclear Blast finds them performing live at the Freak Valley Festival (and what a great name for a festie) in May 2014.

OK, let’s start off with the cover; its another fantastic reworking of one of Marijke Koger of The Fool’s ’67/’68 posters in its full-on psychedelic loveliness with the name of the band subtly added to it; this is Blues Pills statement of intent, straight away nailing their (multi-)colours to the freak rock wall.

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Blues Pills / The Vintage Caravan (live at The Dome)

London 18 November 2014

Vintage Caravan The Dome November 2014Seventies-inspired heavy rock is slowly making a comeback at the moment, with several new bands strapping on their guitars and playing like it was 1972 all over again. Two of the finest exponents of this revival of great music are playing tonight, so it was time for me to pull on my patchouli oil-soaked jeans and cowboy boots and get ready to shake my head.

The Vintage Caravan hail from Iceland and are full of the kind of riffs that would make Bandolier-era Budgie jealous. Singer and guitarist Óskar Logi Ágústsson not only has a powerful voice that conveys the songs with mammoth energy, but his guitar playing is both forceful and subtle as and when the songs need them. The other

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