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Burnt Friedman – Anthology 1980-2017


Burnt Friedman - AnthologyBurnt Friedman is one of those mystery names that seems to often be involved in so many collaborations. His work with Jaki Liebezeit in Cyclopean was a deliciously rhythmic stew and his stuff with David Sylvian, particularly the Nine Horses album was really lovely, so to be confronted with a compilation of his own work was a pleasant surprise and then to discover that it covers a thirty-five year period was an even greater pleasure.

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Burnt Friedman and Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Yek


Burnt Friedman and Mohammad Reza Mortazavi - YekMerging Burnt Friedman‘s distinctive electronic swirl with Mohammed Reza Mortazavi‘s deftly-played tombak rhythms, the Yek EP finds the Berlin-based duo in playful mode as they bounce musical sparks off each other.

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Burnt Friedman – Dead Saints Chronicles EP


Burnt Friedman - Dead Saints Chronicles EPWith a title that refers to a book about near-death experiences, suitably enough, Burnt Friedman‘s first release for Marionette draws upon his archive of recordings to construct a new EP of circling, abstract rhythms topped off with ghostly musical remnants.

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Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players – Can’t Cool

Label: Nonplace Format: CD,LP

Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Can't CoolBurnt Friedman‘s latest gathering of musicians from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres brings together the usual Dub influences with a healthy dose of fractured Funk and Souldful vocal stylings and brass arrangements. As such, it’s a heady slice of Post-modern collage and remodelling, from the strangely-parcelled version of the “Fuck Back” 12″ with its laid back, slightly sinister vocal from Theo Altenberg onwards. Proceeding via the Seventies groove of “Fly Your Kite” where Abi Abi reaches for the heights of emotional lyricism through the heavyweight drums and bass pressure he chants up for “Paternoster” and screws up into headfuck space, Perry-style, for “Dublab Alert”, a certain epiphany is reached in radically overhauled remix of/collaboration with His Name Is Alive on “Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth”,

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Jah Wobble/Jaki Liebezeit/Pole/Burnt Friedman (live)

The Wobble EnsembeQueen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, London 28 March 2001

Tonight’s Wire Session Live promises to present a few intriguing collaborations, and first up on the scene are Jaki Liebezeit and Burnt Friedman. The latter’s usual live minidisc setup is enhanced with a Korg analogue synth and another keyboard, from which he produces a series of smooth, almost liquidly funky electronic rhythms and grooves. With the added input of Liebezeit’s spare yet enveloping drumming, the short set they work through occasionally sparkles, sometimes wanders but is never dull by any stretch. The combination is almost exquisite, thanks to the percussive dexterity and the smartly-programmed and played electronics. Together they build short but hypnotic stretches of sinuous music out of deceptively simple arrangements, played by two master musicians of differing generations of innovation who are clearly enjoying themselves, as are the spellbound

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Burnt Friedman – Plays Love Songs

Label: Nonplace Format: CD

Burnt Friedman Plays Love SongsAhh, Burnt, you have done it again, wooing the worlds of the cocktail-spping Lounge devil and Electronica studio boffin alike with your splendid charms, equally divided between raunch and drum roll science. How long before the Galactic Prize For Extreme Cleverness will have the name B Friedman inscribed upon its shining sides?

This is not a piss-take – Plays Love Songs really is that good a record, and not just for the technical shenanigans, the easy-seeming complexity of the interaction between programming and live sounds, the conjuration of virtual bands and arch-weirdness. It’s for all of the above, and more. Humour is to be valued in music – Zappa was right to pose the question, but it’s a

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Burnt Friedman – Con Ritmo

Label: Nonplace Format: CD

Con Ritmo - sleeveThere’s got to be something in the water in Köln – so many weirdly talented musicians who mangle Electronica, Dub and World musics into a bizarre hybrid music of sensational grooviness and quirky humour… or maybe they all just took notes at the sleeve of noted resident Holger Czukay after all. For this release, Burnt Friedman (what an apposite name he has…) is in cocktail Latin mood, swinging extremely hot on from time to time-change.

The first four tracks are culled from Nonplace EPs 1 and 2, and a rumbustious bunch they are too. With Friedman’s Disposable Rhythm Section making the funky grooves go with a twist of electronic precision and a light-hearted salsa down the aisles of any number of imaginary Southern Hemisphere bar-rooms. Vibraphones, congas and warm bass-booms plus some pretty flavoursome guitars courtesy of

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