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Cardiacs – The Seaside

The Alphabet Business Concern

Cardiacs - The SeasideMusically, it’s a frantic fairground erupting cosily in your head – an aesthetic matched by the queasiness of Cardiacs‘ badly made-up faces. I remember their video for “R.E.S.” — the turtlenecks, nodding heads and punch’n’judy antics, beamed barmy from the offset. An eensy-weensy bit disturbing too; as your eyes filled with those fixed pearly grins and purple bruises — fffurrrrrrhhh — They were like madness (the band or the condition you ask?); yeah, it’s a bit blurred, like a covers band gone gleefully awry, outshining the original, flying the beyond whilst clutching their freshly-inked clown school diplomas.

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Cardiacs – Sing To God

Alphabet Business Concern

Cardiacs - Sing To GodSaw the Cardiacs back in the ’80s when music TV as a worthy proposition. A university challenge spotlight highlighting bruised and bloody faces like a visual rewrite of “Bohemian Rhapsody” oozing with insane carnival colours. The kind of memories that stick with you in crooked smiles and water-squirting lapel flowers, the music as arresting as the spectacle glaring with zombie-esque madness replete with jerky arthritic motions.

Numerous years later they’re still unlocking the archives. One such gem is Sing To God, originally released back in 1995, the band seemingly slimmed down to a foursome (if you don’t count the added extras). It’s a massive 19-track magus opus, originals of which command high prices on the second-hand market; and listening to this

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