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Kluster – Klopfzeichen/Zwei Osterei

Bureau B

Those good people over at Bureau B have been delving into the archives to bring us two classic slices of pre-Cluster goodness. Well before ‘71 and Zuckerzeit, these two albums, originally released in micro editions of 300 copies, demonstrate an avant-garde spirit that was and still is, a pleasure to absorb. Very much a ‘kicking k’ before the soothing ‘c’, these recordings still rival many of today’s newcomers with their pantheon of noise toys and effects pedals. A unique vision that’s not dissipated at all in over forty years.

The beautifully bleak innards of a piano start the first Kluster offering Klopfzeichen. That black cover fitting well with the repeating bony timbres… glassy obsidian and soft powdery concussions flung round them.

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Cluster/Roedelius/Moebius/Moebius & Beerbohm roundup

Bureau B

Hamburg’s Bureau B label are doing a great job of keeping the Kosmische blowtorch alight. Treating the legacy as a living heritage, they give equal precedence to lovingly presented reissues of lost classics and brand new releases by survivors of the scene and their spiritual offspring. Alongside brand new albums by [post=”faust-something-dirty” text=”Faust”] and [post=”kreidler-tank” text=”Kreidler”], they have just unearthed a whole batch of Cluster related gems to follow up their recent Cluster & Eno reissues. What’s even better is that all these releases are available on vinyl as well as CD and download – a proper record label indeed!

Listening to Cluster’s debut album Cluster 71 is like wandering around the British Museum’s Mesopotamia room and being floored by the fact that this civilization flourished when most of the world still lived in caves. The reissue’s subtly amended title

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Cluster – Qua


Cluster – QuaLongevity in the fickle world of pop music has traditionally been an undervalued trait and Cluster, now well into their fourth decade as a musical unit, have long been an elusive presence as they’ve sailed through the decades since their inception in 1969 (with fellow electronic pioneer and Zodiak Arts Lab alumni Conrad Schnitzler as Kluster with a ‘K’). Cluster have seen through the ‘heroic years’ of krautrock in the 1970s, the popularisation and subsequent instrumentalisation of ambient music into new age in the 1980s and the re-emergence of krautrock as an explicit reference to successive generations of electronica and pop artists from the 1990s ’til now.

There’s a ceaseless expectation upon the shoulders of electronic artists of Cluster’s generation to be somehow ahead of the curve, somehow anticipating incipient trends in electronic underground ten years

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