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Cocteau Twins – Head Over Heels / Treasure


Head Over Heels

Cocteau Twins - Head Over HeelsAbsolutely loving the saturated colours of this re-pressed artwork, definitely more reactive than the icy grey of my ’83 original. The spray-painted water waltzing the eye in hiccupping fissure and blurring nitrate. A suggestion of fossilised form and rupturing collapse

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Cocteau Twins ‎– The Pink Opaque


Cocteau Twins ‎– The Pink Opaque4AD have always had a good ear for the creation of compilations — The Birthday Party’s Hits was total cherry-picked greatness for one, then there’s Lonely is an Eyesore, The 13 Year Itch; the list stretches into the horizon. Now this Cocteau Twins ‘best of’ (originally marketed to strike the American market back in the mid-Eighties and now lushly re-mastered for 2015) is further evidence of this. Even now the sticky tar-pit macadam of the cover gives little away to the mesmerizing collection of tunes it contains; I love the way it makes you feel like an archaeologist as you remove the vinyl from its sleeve. Another 23 Envelope masterpiece that spoke volumes and has been faithfully restored to its

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Cocteau Twins – Tiny Dynamine/Echoes in a Shallow Bay


Cocteau Twins - Tiny DynamineNobody ever sounded like the Cocteau Twins, a band so startlingly original that they spurred a lot of imitators; they took the jangle of indie to a whole different level, an otherworldly soak that no doubt inspiring the shoegrazery verve that would follow in their wake. By 1985 they already had three albums under their belts, but their sound was still evolving to ever-more luscious territories, concocting a few catchy (unintentional) hits along the way; amazing realised pearls such as “Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops” and “Spangle Maker”.

Now Tiny Dynamine and Echoes in a Shallow Bay were two EPs originally released two weeks apart from each other (each a companion piece for the other) that attempted to follow in that “Spangle Maker” vein but ended up more subtle, atmospheric — dare I say experimental affairs in comparison. An output

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