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Conny Plank – Who’s That Man?

Conny Plank - Who's That ManGrönland released their epic four-disc tribute to legendary producer Conny Plank in February 2013. Leon Muraglia of the Kosmische Club looks back at the man, his music and some of the artists whose distinctive, revolutionary sounds he helped create.

“Do you feel like a ride into the forest?”’ Conny Plank asked Brian Eno one warm autumn evening. After a short drive in Plank’s old Merc, they parked in a forest clearing and sat talking, surrounded only by the birds and the breeze. “Do you want to hear something on the radio?” Conny asked. “Why not?” Eno replied. He switched on the radio – and it broadcast the piece they’d been working on all day. Conny had set up a transmitter

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Moebius and Plank – En Route

Bureau B

This baby’s got kinetic candy aplenty, tearing up that flat ’80s graph paper, banishing machine rigidity in a blur of angles. Any inkling of metronomic dead flesh is given a dust kicking of sampledelics bolstered by live trumpets and fret slipping guitar, the momentum throwing your head in pleasing multiples, keeping the adrenaline churned up.

“Automatic” is a great start, a Rubik’s cube of flashing colour, a sequential squeeze of overlapping goodness spurred on by a jog of beat and pulsing travelators, little hints of chorus bending your ear here and there ending in filter fairy fade out. The following track “Don’t point the bone” has a pleasing DAF-esque stomp about it as those sado-slapped contours flex their muscles and sampled clusters

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