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Faust / Nurse With Wound / Cut Hands (live at St John Sessions)

Faust & Nurse With Wound live at St John Sessions December 2015 (Picture: Michael Rodham-Heaps)St John at Hackney, London 5 December 2015

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas: illuminations strung across the lampposts of the capital, sparkling every night like twinkling stars; the inky darkness of the night already setting in by mid afternoon; overflowing trays of “luxury” mince pies everywhere you look. And – really – what says “Christmas” more than a Faust gig?

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Godflesh/Cut Hands (live at The Hawthorne Theater)

Portland, OR. 18 April 2014

The Evolution Of Bass

Every time a band reunites, it raises the cynical question: is this mere nostalgia, a quick cash grab? Musicians with nothing new to say, relying on former glories to make a quick buck? Or is it merely that their time has come and people are in a place to finally hear and understand what they were going for in the first place? With the recent interest in MIDI-fuelled rock by the likes of Factory Floor and the destroyed electronic textures summoned by Emptyset and some of the Hospital Records roster, it seems that the time is right for audiences to revel in Godflesh‘s ruin.

I arrived just in time for Cut Hands, (perfect timing, although I deeply regret not getting to see House Of Low Culture. Seriously, who puts a sludge metal band on at 8:30? Sorry readers; and HOLC. Next

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Cut Hands/Container/Blood Music/Black Amiga (live at Bunker)

The cells at The IslandThe Island, Bristol 22 November 2013

The venue’s an abandoned police station, now converted into an arts centre/studio space. The grim nature of the place gets more pronounced as you step deeper into the building, those institutional hues greying against the eerie wipe-clean gloss of the white tiling. The cold concrete and red-bricked Victoriana, dower, depressing as the flaking magnolia, or the raggedy plastic bag spectres barb wire clinging, not to mention the blank stainless sterility of the cell toilets. The place oozed a creeping oppressive atmosphere even the comfy sofas and chatting people couldn’t shake.

Black Amiga live at The IslandInside the holding cell of

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Cut Hands – S/T

Susan Lawly/Very Friendly


She fumbled with the lock, scratching at it unsteadily with her key. Her head was swimming slightly from the drink, and she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck, urgent, lustful, and bestial. Finally the key engaged and turned, and the door swung open with a suddenness that made them both stagger slightly. They fell through the doorway into her flat, and she steadied herself, closing the door with the tip of her foot. She turned and kissed him, violently, her hand rubbing his crotch, before breaking away and brushing a stray lock of red hair back behind her ear, a gesture both defiant and provocative. William Bennett could feel his erection rising. He flashed her an

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