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David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

Sunday Best

Hey, who’s the new guy? He’s in his mid sixties. He’s got a good quiff. Meditates a lot. Smokes a lot too. Claims to not be a musician. Is he one of those Punk Rockers? Don’t think so. He’s a former Eagle Scout from Missoula, Montana. His father worked for the Department of Agriculture. Faced down some pretty scary times in Philly.

And so, here is the debut offering from new guy David Lynch. Coming hot on the heels of his recent high-profile [post=chrysta-bell-this-train text=”stint in the producer’s chair”] for the lovely Ms Chrysta Bell, he’s obviously making up for lost time in the music department. Crazy Clown Time it’s called. Clowns. Man, most people find clowns a little scary. Many people outright hate them. Crispin Glover, who worked with Lynch a while back – you remember Cousin ‘Jingle’ Dell,

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Chrysta Bell – This Train

La Rose Noire

David Lynch is now 65. It’s amazing. Since the release of Eraserhead (once seen, never forgotten) in 1977, his career has seen so many ludicrously high peaks that is scarcely seems possible to précis them; Frank Booth dry humping Dorothy Valens to his climax, an oxygen mask pressed to his face whilst whining “Baby wants to fuck”, all under amniotic Edward Hopper-style lighting; Special Agent Dale Cooper rushing around madly through the heavy drapes of the Red Room inside the Black Lodge (does he get his garmonbozia?); the moment when Fred Madison finds out just why “Dick Laurent is dead”; Betty and Rita sitting rapt in Club Silencio; ‘Sue’, brutally stabbed in the stomach with her own screwdriver, collapsing and dying with the street homeless on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Lynch’s quiff is now higher than ever,

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