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Der Plan – Unkapitulierbar

Bureau B

Der Plan - UnkapitulierbarThey may have slipped out of the Neue Deutsche Welle limelight sometime ago, but this surprise newbie from Der Plan hits back with that familiar quirkiness that gave us “Du Bist Es Nicht”, “Gummitwist” and the sublime “Space Bob”.

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Der Plan – Die Letze Rache/Japlan

Bureau B

Der Plan - Die Letzte Rache

Serious fun to be had here, sock puppets and all. Der Plan’s slick cabaret of strangeness is all over the place, eerie cinematics jutting up against cheesy trips to the German equivalent of Blackpool amusements. Take an eyeful of that gaudy cover for Die Letzte Rache and you instantly know boredom is gonna be in short supply – that plasticined comicbook aesthetic, the singing eels. Yep, this is caps lock fun all the way, given a Jamie Reid ransom style make over. Symptomatic of the time (a definite golden age in my ears), ’80s post-punk Deutschland seemed to be falling over itself with this sort of shenanigans , almost as if the Soviets were popping something into the

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