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DJ Scotch Egg – Scotch Hausen

Label: Very Friendly/Adaadat Format: CD/LP

Scotch hausen - sleeve detailFox Mulder described Bach as having a genius for polyphonic composition. That’s all well and good, and yes it’s all very clever stuff, but there will always be some people who feel that Bach just doesn’t rock enough. DJ Scotch Egg redresses this balance and gives the classics a hardcore noise work over … on a Gameboy, that low tech favourite.

The results sound like a weekends hard partying in Rotterdam and an arcade full of space invaders singing Bach and Mozart. Great stuff. Primitive, utterly banging, and brutally lo-fi with a twist of Gameboy kitch. The demented fury of Scotch Hausen burns itself out by the end of the album and transforms into an altogether gentler sound. The “Scotch Sundance” tracks begin with a recording of children singing a song in a classroom. The Gameboy

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