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Loop (live at Doug Fir Lounge)

Portland, OR 16 May 2014

After several weeks of attending the vaunted interior of Mississippi Studios, it seem that the calendar had skipped from 1963 to 1968 or so. Maybe 1970. The flower power and idealism and utopia of bands like Acid Mothers Temple and Trans Am were replaced by benzedrine paranoia and velocity, as the intrepid Gary Oaks and myself set foot inside the infernal go-go den of the Doug Fir Lounge, right on Burnside Ave., Portland’s mainline, to see the reunited Loop’s first United States tour since 1990.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Loop released their last full-length, A Gilded EternityLoveless hadn’t even been released yet, and it seemed that journalists were having a great time bludgeoning the burgeoning shoegaze scene. And while they termed it ‘The Scene That Celebrates Itself,” it might be more accurate to describe it as “The

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Ritual: Wooden Shjips/Plankton Wat (live at the Doug Fir Lounge)

Portland, Oregon 16 January 2014

It was a misty night in Portland. A thick gray pea soup clung to the street lights, obscuring any signs of modernity, anything outside of a three-foot nimbus. This Thursday evening had a particularly timeless feel – it could’ve been 1868, 1968, 2068.

The faithful have always gathered at night, apart from the common sense and rationality of the day-walkers. Whether it be antlered druids gathered at stone circles or juke joints in the ’20s, drinking and carousing to the devil’s music. People gather in the dark, to dance, to love, to dream. Perhaps this is part of why Christianity was such a harsh enemy of witchcraft? Witches stay up too late to make productive worker drones.

There was a new skin for the old ceremony at the Doug Fir, whose log cabin interior became an alternate reality for tonight’s double-header: a hometown show for

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