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Drifting In Silence – Desire


Drifting In Silence – DesireDrenched in reverb and hissing in on waves of shimmering, steam-like vapour trails, Desire uncurls itself in sinuous ripples and grain-shifting rhythms. While the music fits generally into the shapes and forms of ambient(ish) electronica, Derrick Stembridge‘s supple approach is at once of its kind and thoroughly modern in its detail. The little flurries of effects which modulate and mould every sound are controlled with a precision which manages to retain a human-friendly warmth among the machines in motion.

What words there are stutter and flicker in abstraction, reminders that there is life outside the self-sustaining rhythms, floating melodies, swept-back interludes and some occasionally downright funky electronic basslines and crunchy beats which can easily provoke moments of attention-pulling appreciation. If comparisons need to

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