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Driftmachine – Radiations

Umor Rex

Driftmachine - RadiationsBringing together odds and ends, remixes and new studio work, Radiations takes it title from a track originally included on 2016’s Colliding Contours. While at first it might seem odd to repeat the track on a new record, the appearance of Shackleton‘s remix of the track on Side A means that it all makes sense.

In its original form, “Radiations” itself is a slow motion slab of reverberant modular dub, rippling and brimming with menace and electronic shimmer, almost febrile in intent and a piece that showcases Driftmachine‘s technique well. Here, the machines set their bright stars on course through a parade of trills, throbs and dubwise basslines, and it’s as good a track as any to use as an exemplar of Andreas

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Driftmachine – Eis Heauton

Hallow Ground (vinyl)/Umor Rex (cassette)

Driftmachine - Eis HeautonEis Heauton is an eminently suitable title to describe what Driftmachine are up to on their second album under that name. The duo of Florian Zimmer (Saroos) and Andreas Gerth (of Tied & Tickled Trio) certainly allow and encourage their devices to live up to both the group moniker as well as the Greek term that refers to being in conversation with oneself. εἰς ἑαυτόν has also been rendered as Meditations, the title of the collected philosophical works of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, a Stoic reflection on the individual’s place and ways of being within the natural cosmic order.

So it is that the modular synth is set running a series of self-generating patches, the ghost

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