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Oblique (vinyl)/Daymare (CD)

DRCARLSONALBION - GoldGiven how the ubiquitous comparisons to the American desert-scape were for Earth‘s classic Hex: Or Printing The Infernal Method, it’s a minor miracle that this is the first soundtrack for Earth’s main man, Dylan Carlson. Fittingly, it is a Western soundtrack for the movie Gold, released in 2013. Gold focuses on German prospectors that travel to the Yukon in 1898, at the height of the gold rush. Carlson paints the wide-open expanses with sparse brushstrokes of solo electric guitar in a series of short numbered vignettes, titled simply “Gold 1 – 24”.

While Carlson may be a no-brainer to be tagged for an epic, existentialist Western film, what IS surprising is the Gold soundtrack is not an Earth record. Rather, it

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Thought Forms/Esben and the Witch/Teeth of the Sea/Dylan Carlson (live at The Exchange)

Thought Forms at The Exchange October 2013Bristol 14 October 2013

Motorway delays meant totally missing most of Teeth of the Sea‘s set… I’ve been loving their latest Kraut-infused offering Master for some time now and was eager to get that all-important live perspective, but only ended up catching the trumpet soaked finale. A Miles Davis-shadowing sundowner of a track on anti-phonic wings; parabolic, infectious…the briefest of taste that left me floundering in the disappointment that I didn’t catch the whole caboodle.

Next up were Esben and the Witch, who started in a storm of tribal energies, siren soarings and rebounding double positives. A sound that periodically fell back into splints of eddying chord and uneasy reflection, and a lush, sultry vox that had me wanting to use the G-word, but

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