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Electric Moon – Stardust Rituals


Electric Moon - Stardust RitualsDuring the late Sixties, part of the psychedelic experience was to discover your inner self by going on the hippie trail to India and Nepal. Here people would find gurus, live in ashrams and contemplate the universe by the side of the Ganges. Electric Moon’s fifth studio album seems to be almost a soundtrack to these journeys

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Electric Moon – The Doomsday Machine


Electric Moon - The Doomsday MachineOK, are you ready for take off? A big heavy stoner riff, swirling noise and a cosmic chant vocal from Komet Lulu — it can only be the title track from the reissue of Electric Moon’s classic The Doomsday Machine.

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Electric Moon / ENOS (live at Baba Yaga’s Hut)

Electrowerkz, London 13 May 2016

ENOS live at Baba Yaga's Hut May 2016It’s Friday the thirteenth, the day of bad vibes, things going wrong and surreal killers with ski masks. Some people even refuse to leave the house on this day, in case they accidentally fall over a black cat or walk under a ladder. The thing is, you know when Electric Moon are in town, any heavy bad luck nonsense will dissipate in a glow of psychedelic goodness.

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Electric Moon – Flaming Lake


Electric Moon - Flaming LakeLive, Electric Moon always hit you right in the third eye and this album recorded in Battenberg on the second of July (my birthday) in 2011 is a good document of everything the band are great at. So grab your stash, flick through some underground comix, get the joss sticks started and clutch your pocket I Ching and off we go.

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Zone Six – Love Monster / Electric Moon – Theory of Mind


Zone Six – Love MonsterKick out the jams and get your freak flag flying with two new releases from Sulatron. Zone Six are a mindbending mixture of members of Electric Moon, Modulfix and The Pancakes (who also get together under the name Krautzone) playing spiralling hypnotic psychedelic madness in free-form jams that have been condensed down to these four blistering tracks.

Komet Lulu’s bass kicks us into the title track, its deep, steadily pulsating rhythm fusing well with Sula Bassana’s drum pattern. Over the top of this krautrock beat, Martin Schorn gives us washes of synthesizer sounds while Rainer Reeff pulls along the perforations of acid tab lead guitar. Its heady brew of moonbeam highway sonic pulses scatters psychedelic tentacles into luminous stratospheric globes that circle planet Earth. The

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Papir meets Electric Moon – The Papermoon Sessions Live at Roadburn 2014


Papir meets Electric Moon - The Papermoon Sessions Live at Roadburn 2014After their planet-building collaborative album The Papermoon Sessions, the lucky people at Roadburn last year got to witness the glory of both Papir and Electric Moon sharing the stage together for the massive psychedelic wig-out that is captured on this disc.

Two tracks sit upon a disc that feels so light but musically weighs more than Saturn. “Powdered Stars” starts with pure space rock cosmic wibble and big, heavy chord structures that glide over taut rhythms. It is here that both Papir and Electric Moon show their chops, battling it out in a massive Pelinor Fields fantasy-fuelled attack. As the track begins to slow, we get something more eerie and ethereal; the music becomes

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Electric Moon (live at The Underworld)

Electric Moon live at The UnderworldLondon 13 June 14

It is summertime and in Britain the early morning mist drifts across fields and clings to the roots of trees. Tents are erected and the dowdy colours of winter are a thing of the past as the children of the rainbow appear from forests and their various hiding places to worship the sun, to enjoy the abundance of nature around them. And the music these spirits of the fields like to indulge in on balmy warm evenings is psychedelic space rock.

In the olden daze there would have been these wondrous events called “free festivals” where people could dance till dawn to the sound of pounding bass lines. But then came the bad times when darkness crept across the land and the free

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Papir meets Electric Moon – The Papermoon Sessions


Papir meets Electric Moon – The Papermoon SessionsWhoa! Let’s get things straight from the start – this is psychedelic music, pure and simple. This is not pretending to be out there, it IS out there. Both Papir and Electric Moon have a way of playing that turns your brain to mulch and then kicks it out of your head towards a multi-coloured sun. This meeting of fried minds on the edge could really only produce one type of music and that is bloody great slabs of sounds for exploring the universe.

“Farewell Mr. Space Echo” starts with sombre sounding guitar being plucked in a drifting way, as if the tune is escaping from the hands that play them rather than being thought about. The cymbals begin gently until they build into

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Electric Moon – You Can See The Sound Of…


You Can See The Sound Of Electric MoonElectric Moon’s new release is a 10” white vinyl-only EP. These will only be available at shows, so you lucky people who not only get to see them play live can also snap up this wonderful piece at the same time.

Side A begins with “The Inner Part.” Lush synth bass notes hover serenely under some Steve Hillage-style gliss guitar before the drums hit in and we are off on a full-on Krautrock style motorik in a Neu! vein. Vocals hover eerily amidst the planetary unfolding riff. But this is not cold outer space, this is the warmth of space sifted through a Hawkwind veil. It travels through multi-coloured gaseous clouds and as the track stutters to an

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Electric Moon – Inferno/Sula Bassana –Dreamer


Electric Moon - InfernoI am already a fan of the wonderful Electric Moon after hearing both their 2010 début album Lunatics and last year’s monumental live double LP Cellar Space Live Overdose, so I was eager to give this new album a spin. For starters, the cover is a wonderful psychedelic creation that gives a nod to some of best artwork from the late ’60s and early ’70s. What we have on the album is two massive slabs of out-there music that roll in near the 70 minute mark.

Track one is “Mental Record,” which starts very slow and spacey, with echoed guitars playing over a strong but subdued bass riff while the drums scatter around in a jazz fashion. Soon this builds into a

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