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Electric Wizard / The Cosmic Dead / Purson / Moss (live at The Roundhouse)

London 15 May 2015

Friday night at The Roundhouse, and the faithful are gathered for what promises to be a night of epic heaviness — four bands culminating with the mighty Electric Wizard are set to compete for our hearts, minds and ultimately, souls. However, due to a rubbish London Transport experience, I arrive when the first of them, Moss, are already half-way through their set. The two songs I catch, however, are immense.Moss Live at The Roundhouse 2015 -2Moss Live at The Roundhouse 2015Purson live at The Roundhouse 2015Electric Wizard / The Cosmic Dead / Purson / Moss (live at The Roundhouse) […]

Electric Wizard – Time To Die


Electric Wizard – Time To DieDo I believe in witchcraft? What kind of witchcraft? The legendary witch that rides on the imaginary broom? The hex that tortures the thoughts of the victim? The pin stuck in the image that wastes away the mind and the body? The massive maw of pure sludge doom is back. Electric Wizard return with a line-up that won’t go beyond the release of this album to produce probably their most psychedelic, nihilistic album in a while.

“Incense For The Damned” (the title is taken from a ’70s vampire film featuring Peter Cushing) opens with eerie organ chords over the sound of running water, and after a voiceover about a “heavy metal” occult crime, the riff hits in. This is where the bludgeoning of the senses starts, the riff

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