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Spector – Ex-directory EP


Spector - Ex-directory EPEx-directory, an embodiment of modernity and the way we, the youth of society, feel now. Spector’s new EP clearly shows off this generation of music’s inheritance and influences from its predecessors in pop, with their own modernity ingrained into every lyric.

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Drums Off Chaos – Centre / Compass


Drums Off Chaos - Compass EP

When it comes to drumming, the late Jaki Liebezeit is up there with the likes of Stomu Yamashta and Charles Hayward. So when I heard his cult-like percussive collective Drums Off Chaos was finally releasing two sweet EPs’ worth of tracks upon the world, I was more than stoked.

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Johanna Bramli – Spirals EP

Little Miss Echo Recordings

Johanna Bramli - Spirals EPThis is the debut EP from Johanna Bramli, who is possibly better known for being one half of “motorik electronic pop band Fröst“, but I’ve not actually heard them, while I have seen Bramli a couple of times at live shows around Brighton. And verily she is good.

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Impuritan – Altered Statues

Distant Spore

Impuritan - Altered StatuesAfter luxuriating in the carnival like atmosphere of 2014’s full length Make It Look Like Nothing Happened and the head spinning smorgasbord of 2016’s Everything Is Magick, nobody could really second guess Impuritan‘s next move. The colours and textures employed in the previous releases made them a fantastic new discovery and I was intrigued to see what the next step would be.

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Jute Gyte – The Sparrow

Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records

Jute Gyte - The SparrowMetal isn’t a particularly progressive genre, in a lot of ways; for all the fluff that people throw at it, musicologically speaking, it’s rarely divested itself of fairly conventional tonalities, regular 4/4s, flattened out timbres and limited melodies. I appreciate that’s kind of “the thing” that makes metal and as someone who doesn’t really like metal it’s unfair for me to tar it with that brush

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Hitoshi Kojo and Yannick Dauby – La Vie Dans Les Airs Et Dans Les Eaux

Substantia Innominata

Hitoshi Kojo and Yannick Dauby - La Vie Dans Les Airs Et Dans Les EauxCreaky, scraping, spinning tones and the sound of rolling objects on metal; ominous drones and fragrantly uptilted shimmers abound, horns and moans, whirrs and clicks

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Signals & Alibis – Looks Like Rain

Dreamy Life

Signals & Alibis - Looks Like RainOver the course of the five track on this EP, Signals & Alibis, a boy/girl two-piece from Fort Worth, Texas, have constructed their own brooding hinterland using keyboards, guitar and baritone.

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Kreng – Selfed

Substantia Innominata

Kreng - SelfedThe latest instalment in Drone Records‘ series of double 10″ vinyl releases comes from Pepijn Caudron, AKA Kreng. Commissioned for a dance piece choreographed by Kevin Trappeniers, and performed in Ljubljana by Dagmar Dachauer, Selfed is envisioned as a metaphorical method for breaking down the borders thrown up by both the individual and society.

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Band of Pain / Nurse with Wound – Noinge / Gloakid With Phendrabites / Nurse with Wound – Dark Fat

Band of Pain / Nurse with Wound - Noinge / Gloakid With Phendrabites

“Noinge” / “Gloakid With Phendrabites” Dirter Promotions

The first side is the sound of the playful Band Of Pain remixing Nurse With Wound‘s A Sucked Orange in a game of arrant right-angles and ink-splattered goodness where the original source material is utterly fucked over in malfunctioning attention deficits that splutter like a cyborg cat with a data hairball.

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Twin – Hverir EP


Twin - Hverir EPThis is a truly haunting experience; think Mazzy Star with a whisper of Shelleyan Orphan or Alison Shaw from Cranes, but softer, swollen in the ambiguous. Its language a diffusion of hues, suggestions for your mind to play with, backed by switchblades of horizon that pull at the frame, inverting the scenery in cycling hooks of guitar, droning key-lines, tumbling percussives.

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Lush – Blind Spot


Lush - Blind SpotThe sky is bright blue, adrift with white motherships of the imagination – an inbound vision on which the shimmering haze of this recent four-tracker from Lush glides. Blind Spot marks a welcome return to the fray after the tragic death of their drummer halted their desire to continue far too many years ago.

Listening to this handsomely designed EP (something Chris Bigg of 4AD fame has done an excellent job of encapsulating) — honestly, it’s as if they never went away

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The Doomed Bird of Providence – You Brought The Knife

Front & Follow

The Doomed Bird of Providence - You Brought The KnifeMark Kluzek‘s project The Doomed Bird of Providence began in London in 2009 with the aim of telling the stories of early colonial Australia. This latest offering, You Brought the Knife, is a haunting five-track EP that recounts the tale of Maria Murray (née Middleton) — a runaway slave, convicted murderer and transportee, largely forgotten by all but a handful of academics.

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Radio 9 – Learn to Walk Through Walls EP

White Label Music

Radio 9 - Learn to Walk Through WallsLike the former colonel of the First Earth Battalion, Jim Channon, whom Jon Ronson encountered in the story he recounted in The Men Who Stare At Goats, Radio 9 are apparently encouraging their charges – their listeners – to embark on a mission to achieve the impossible, and walk through the walls; though maybe via the more simple expedient of metaphysically opening up the doors of perception rather than shifting their molecules into different arrangements.

This seems to be the case on “A Futuristic Journey by Car,” where Leon Muraglia sings of “endless streams of light” (the title of Radio 9’s recent album) and “moving without sound” in wasted wastrel style over rhythms lifted straight from the

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Datblygu – Erbyn Hyn


So when a new EP comes out from Datblygu, Freq offers up not one, but two reviews. Firstly, Kev Nickells enthuses:

Datblygu - Erbyn HynIn a caveat that might as well be me saying “this is why I don’t write for a living,” it’s tricky writing about Datblygu. Certainly from my perspective. If you don’t know, they’re broadly considered as arguably the most important Welsh-language bands of the last 32 years, but their culture is vastly removed (and desperately scathing) of the Eisteddfod and shitty festivals of crap singer-songwriters in sodden Cardigan. What I’ve picked up from their lyrics come from the English translations in the Wyau/ Pyst/ Libertino double CD Ankst put out a few years ago. For the uninitiated, buy that. By the time I’d picked that up I was utterly

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Kemper Norton – To Mahina

Front & Follow

Kemper Norton - To MahinaIn which Kemper Norton applies his spectral resonances to The Doomed Bird of Providence‘s “Mahina,” a standout track from their most recent album Blind Mouths Eat. The Doomed Bird of Providence explore the very darkest recesses of Australian history through their bleak sound constructions

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