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ESB – ESB (Y. Tiersen / L. Laquerriere / T. Poli)

Bureau B

ESB - ESBESB’s album lands on my doorstep at the same time as the first pictures of Pluto filter through the cosmos and are shown for the first time for all humanity to see. Somehow the music created by the trio of Yann Tiersen, Lionel Laquerrière and Thomas Poli is fitting as its soundtrack.

“Market” is the album opener, and it’s full of glistening synths that seem to recreate Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in musical form. When the pounding rhythm hits in I’m reminded of John Foxx’s Metamatic album. There is a sheen to the music, its tall tower constructions hover around you as your monorail train moves through the landscape. Sci-Fi music? Not quite, as ESB has more to offer than this. “Spoon” has

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