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Expo 70 – Live In The Pit On KFJC 89.7 FM


Expo 70 - Live in the Pit KFJC 89​.​7 FMContinuing their series of re-released (and new) Expo 70 albums, Zoharum present a double CD set gathering together two radio sessions recorded in 2008 and 2010 on KFJC 89.7 radio in Los Altos Hills, California.

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Expo Seventy – America Here And Now Sessions

Essence Music

Expo Seventy - America Here & Now SessionsRecorded as part of a travelling art exposition of the same name, the sessions released as America Here And Now finds Expo Seventy in a rare four-piece configuration, mainstay Justin Wright joined for the sessions recorded in Kansas City by Aaron Osborne of Monta At Odds and Mysterious Clouds on bass alongside drummers Mike Vera (Shroud Of Winter) and David Williams.

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Expo 70 – Solar Drifting

Zoharum (CD)/Sonic Meditations (cassette)

Expo 70 - Solar DriftingFrom the ominous drones and splutters of “A1V” by way of the decidedly Harmonia-like curlicues of “Crawling Through Crystal Skies” — all twinkly echo trails and meandering electronic rhythms — to the freefall wafts of guitar feedback and multiple effects units orbiting each other in a docking pattern, Solar Drifting does exactly what the album title suggests, conjuring imagery which hovers and glides from the shimmering heat-haze of desert testing grounds areas into visions of extraterrestrial flight powered solely by the sun’s rays.

Assembled from the bulk of Expo 70‘s 7″ singles and cassette-only non-album releases which appeared between 2008 and 2011, Justin Wright has done a good job on Solar Drifting of collating them into an album

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Expo 70 – Frozen Living Elements / Corridors To Infinity


Expo 70 - Frozen Living ElementsHaving previously appeared on the label’s From Earth to Sirius compilation in 2011, Expo 70 mark their full album début on Zoharum with not one but two CDs, one a reissue and another a brand-new offering. With a shade under fifty albums alone in his discography, it’s interesting to discover where Justin Wright takes his expanded one-man band on two disparate examples of his ongoing mission to construct a monster psychedelic rock discography.

Corridors to Infinity originally appeared on tape and CDR via Wright’s own Sonic Meditations label and brings McKinley Jones (who has also recorded as Breathing Flowers and Cantus Firmus) and his trusty Moog aboard the starship Expo 70, with this expanded album offering up not only the two lengthy

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