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Felix Kubin Und Das Mineralorchester – II: Music For Film And Theatre


Felix Kubin Und Das Mineralorchester - Music for Film and Theatre

Starts very Steven Stapleton-like with a manic woman in full-on polka-dot phobia jabbering like some Echo Poeme cut-up, well versed in disturbing vocal spikes. The next track leaping towards some brume-like contact play, electroacoustic grit in the psychic ointment. A disconcerting churn caught on a glass-rim hum diving the industrial before dipped into a dichotomy of digitised distress.

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Various Artists – Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik

Cache Cache

Various Artists – Science Fiction Park BundesrepublikIf I ever got my hands on a time machine I’d make ‘8os Germany my first destination. The cassette culture back then was rich and varied, a future that even today seems beamed in from a different planet. Enviously, Felix Kubin was lucky enough to be right in the thick of it at the time, a teenager both consumer and participant. The self-penned liner notes to an album subtitled German Home Recording Tape Music of the 1980s lovingly describing him lighting up with possibilities after a chance watching of Der Plan on TV. This was the music he had waited years for, go the notes, music that would set off a catalytic spark for him and his brother to experiment

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Scott Haggart/Lary Seven/Felix Kubin – 1:17


Scott Haggart/Lary Seven/Felix Kubin – 1:17Recorded live in New York in November 2009, 1:17 is one of those glorious conceptual pieces in which the premise – in this case, the use and re-use of a 0.7 millisecond snippet of sound originating from a Diskono collective concert in 2000, itself transformed gradually over the years into a one minute seventeen second blast of noise – is almost entirely irrelevant to the appreciation of the results as realised here.

It is amusing to report, however, that for this performance, Scott Haggart played and manipulated his original Diskono 12” of 1:17 on the decks, while Lary Seven did things with a custom leather glove, a wine bottle and a reel-to-reel tape machine; Felix Kubin was both at the controls and dropping samples

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Felix Kubin – Chromdioxidgedächtnis


Felix Kubin - ChromdioxidgedaechtnisCommissioned by the Deutscher Musikrat (German Music Council) for their edition elektronik series, Felix Kubin attunes his lateral ears to a subject dear to his heart — and with a title that translates to English as Chromium Dioxide Memory, it’s no surprise that its subject, sound source and (in part) medium is the compact cassette.

By contrast with the (allegedly) precise fidelity of digital recordings and the incremental uploading of humanity’s collective memories and cultural heritage to online repositories over the last couple of decades, the cassette has a unique place in audio history. Kubin’s contention is that analogue tape’s very fragility and low fidelity, as well as the democratic ease of use and availability of the cassette, makes it a unique format which has many

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Felix Kubin mit Mitch & Mitch – Bakterien & Batterien

Lado ABC (CD)/Gagarin (LP)

Felix Kubin mit Mitch & Mitch - Bakterien & BatterienAmbitious as can be, mercurial music manipulator Felix Kubin joins Mitch & Mitch to generate ten tracks of modern big band electronic library music. Firmly placing tongue in cheek and putting on their stern faces, the mischievous collaborators offer up glockenspiel-friendly, brass-bound bacchanalia to jive the hepcats off their seats and into a swirl of ra-ra randomisers and stereophonic soundtrack swing, hopping and skipping gleefully from eras to ears.

What it is, dig; what it is, is rad, cool, smooth with a lightly-concealed spikiness, lively with an edge. This album suggests a sharp zoot suit or arm-length gloves and an electronic cigarette in a long, long holder should be worn and puffed ostentatiously while

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Felix Kubin and Ensemble Intégrales – Echohaus


Felix Kubin and Ensemble Integrales – EchohausBranching out into conceptual composition with Ensemble Intégrales, Felix Kubin acted as a sort of central engineer/conductor for this piece, with each instrument recorded live with no overdubs in separate rooms at the Westwerk cultural centre in Hamburg under Kubin’s supervision, and the results edited by him down into the resulting album. As a result, each room sound is almost as important as the tones recorded for the instruments concerned, and the results certainly resonate with the nuances of each space in the final mix, especially when listened to on headphones – which is probably the best way to appreciate the textures of the recording.

It’s also perhaps inevitable that the terms electro-acoustic and musique concrète will crop as reference points when describing both the techniques and sounds of Echohaus – and justifiably too. There’s

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Felix Kubin – Jet-Lag Disco

Label: A-Musik Format: 3″ CD

Jet-Lag Disco - sleeve Combining Disco with toys seems like a fun idea, and Felix Kubin‘s Jet-Lag Disco likes its treble really reedy on top of some thumpingly mid bass kicks. Two thoughts spring immediately to mind – Alec Empire‘s hyper-bleepy Nintendo Teenage Robots project, but with more beats and structure, and the fact that this EP was intended for Kubin’s Japanese tour in early 2001.

So things chunder on at an accelerated pace, like computer game music but even more ridiculous – and from before the days when the latest in fashionable electonic music was used to sell the game. The tracks here are somehow more Sega Megadrive than Commodore 64 though, and demand aspirin and a nice lie down afterwards. There’s a spooky-bleepy synthalong whistle and rush through a faux spy movie end-title tune, and a nice

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